Boston Public

Season 2 Episode 20

Chapter Forty-Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 06, 2002 on FOX

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  • More controversy hits the public school when a transgender student runs for prom queen in the face of criticism and harassment from other students.

    Overall this is a top notch episode that deals with the rights of transgender students in the public schools. This puts pressure on Harper, who had talked about wanting to transfer to a private school to avoid such controversy, and even the liberal Senate, who advises the student against being open about his gender identity. The ill-fated romance between Senate and Cooke is develped here as well. The issue of sexual orientation and gender identity are both Thi very real hot button issue and the series did a pretty good job exploring them in a senitive but also realistic way. This episode is no different.

    The episode does illustrate the many conflicting opinions and concerns raised when a transgender student seeks to be prom queen, while also giving it a happy ending. My complaints? Most of the students who are the center of the plot are not seen again, and were not really seen beforehand, but overall its a great episode. Hence, the message about tolerance, love and equality would have been more powerful if the students had been around more beforehand.