Boston Public

Season 1 Episode 2

Chapter Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2000 on FOX
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Chapter Two
Last week's bra protest has resulted in school unity. All the girls have decided to go braless in a show of solidarity with Dana Poole. The superintendent is breathing down Harper's neck because Lauren has rallied a few of the other teachers and they all refuse to get fingerprinted. Also, Marla, who's supposed to be on medical leave, has shown up for work, and Lipschultz, the man behind the bra debacle, has shown up on Sheryl Holt's infamous Web site - in a bra and panties! Meanwhile, Vice Principal Guber tries to regain control by meeting with Dana Poole. He suspects that she's high, so he wants a urine sample. She protests and bolts straight to Harry.moreless

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    Debbi Morgan

    Debbi Morgan

    Superintendant Marsha Shinn

    Guest Star

    Susan Savage

    Susan Savage

    Sandra Mason

    Guest Star

    Jennifer Shon

    Jennifer Shon

    Ms. Walker

    Guest Star

    Sarah Thompson

    Sarah Thompson

    Dana Poole

    Recurring Role

    Lamya Jezek

    Lamya Jezek

    Sheryl Holt

    Recurring Role

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      • Harvey: All through history, when men look at women, they want to have sex. Now, God did this on purpose to ensure the survival of the human species. And he also gave women lumps, known as breasts, to inspire in man the penile urge to procreate. Now, this was very good for mankind, but not for womankind. Now, how could she succeed in this world, and how could she be respected for all her values, when men just want to mount her? Research eventually showed that it was those dangling bouncing breasts that cause special excitement to the man's blood flow. It was determined that the brassiere could stop this dangling, bouncing motion. The man would be less likely to objectify the woman and she would have a fighting chance at equality. You must harness your bosoms in order to squash the discrimination by the male gonads. This country can never maximize its potential until you can achieve equality. That's why I must make a rule, right here, and right now. Wear a bra for the good of the country.

      • Louisa: Super intendant wants to set up a meeting.
        Steven: Why?
        Louisa: I don't know. Could be Harry Senate shooting off a gun in class. Could be you beating up a student. Could be Marla Hendricks going crazy. Could be the Buttle cartoons. Or maybe she just wants to commend you on how smooth things run around here.

      • Harry: Lipschultz told them to wear their brassieres for the good of their country. Turns out they're all a bunch of communist sluts.

      • Marla: What does kind of message does it send to the student, you not giving me another chance?
        Steven: Oh, we only send messages on the good days. Most days we just try to get through.

      • Lauren: What's wrong?
        Harry: Oh, my nose, it just grew an inch.

      • Male student: Nice nips, Dana.
        Dana: Bite me.
        Male student: Time and place.

      • Marsha: The dragon lady? That's what people call me?
        Steven: Only when you're in the room.

      • Kevin: What's wrong?
        Harry: Nothing, just, uh, thinking.
        Kevin: You never think. What's the matter?

      • Milton: You kissed Dana Poole. On the lips?
        Harry: It just happened.
        Milton: What do you mean, it just happened? You were walking down the street and tripped into her mouth?

      • Louisa: Hey, guys, what'd I miss?
        Kevin: Ah, nothing, we're about to get Harvey drunk.
        Harry: Yeah, it's a nightmare, he starts making sense.

      • Lipshultz: Wear a bra... For the good of the country.

      • Lauren: (On being fingerprinted) I'm not going to be treated like a criminal just because I work on a high school faculty.

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