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  • looking for an episode

    hi i am trying to find the episode where Mr Guber gets to lead an orchestra can anyone help me?
  • boston public was a good show

    boston public was a good show that focoued on teachers that were from a midsize school in boston and the way they got throgh the day and the way they delt with things like with tparents on intidents and other maters like the budget and racism and there lives out side the shchool it also touched apon that i think was a cool thing they focused on in the show. but i think this was good show even though it was only on for 4 years i still think it could of gone longer . but that is just me .
  • It's about teachers, in the class and out.

    I can't recall to much about it. It was good, it's not a show you watch and can't remember the name but is the show that you know the name of but don't know the charcters or anything else. It was different, I guess. It showed a whole other perspective of teachers and their lives and lifestyle. I guess I had no reason to watch it after I met my 10th grade composition teacher because she was very open about her personal life, and by personal I mean college days and sex and doing drugs, she didn't do drugs but she talked to kids who did and she had no problem with it. Anyway, yeah that's it.
  • The episone in which Khalid was thought to be a terrorist and the FBI was called in to investigate.

    I live in Cairo, Egypt. Other than that I adore this show, I am particularly grateful to the writers of the show who wrote the episode of "Khalid" (the Arab boy who was investigated by the FBI). At first I thought it was going to unfold into the typical cliche: American good guys vs. Arab bad guys. But as I watched I was truly impressed by the messege that was being projected. I was especially touched by the headmasters speech at the end of the episode. The world has been in turmoil since the 9/11 attacks and frankly the media has been brutal in characterizing Arabs and Muslims as terrorists. I felt the episode taught tolerance and I found that quite refreshing and in good taste. Thank you and God bless :)
  • Boston public is about a school filled with different kind of persons who have to struggle to get through their daily lives

    Boston Public is a one of a kind show. It has aired here in Holland for a really long time, so I've probably watched almost every episode there is of this show. The only bad part is that it's not available on dvd here.
    Boston Public is really a great tearjerker. It has numerous persons who you love, hate, admire, fear, etc. but you are always torn towards their lifestories.
    The show has a great cast, in which some of them turned out to become superstars.
    If you like drama, this really is a show to watch. So buy the dvd if you are interested
  • They always take away the good shows

    I loved this show. I don't think I watched it in the begining but later on I got hooked to it. Then like that they took it off the air. I think it ended with Tamrya Gary's character being abused by or boyfriend? But I can't really recall. I hope that a network picks it up to show the re-runs.
  • An amazing show (that should have been cancelled after two seasons--it would be a big hit if they stopped it when it was the strongest.)

    "Boston Public," a show about teachers and teenagers in Winslow high school never dissapointed me during first two seasons. The show was amazing, it had everything that a "drama" man would love. The show was a good mix of drama, reality & stuff that every teenager/teacher goes through.

    It was one hour that I would gladly spend on watching this show, because the stories were always so real. David E. Kelley can really create an amazing show. Just look at "The Practice" and "Ally McBeal" and you'll see what I mean.

    Anyway, to not get off track, this show was at the top during first two seasons. It all got ruined after Lauren & Louisa left the show. The stories became surreal, new uniteresting characters were introduced and it was hard to bring back the fame that the show had.

    The show never got a proper ending. The ratings went down fast, and the show was cancelled. I wish that it had ended after two seasons. It would have been such a great classic.

    If you decide to watch this show, I suggest you watch only the first two seasons, and believe me, you will be very impressed. Don't let the next two seasons ruin your impression of the show.

    I personally enjoyed watching teachers on their job-how they are dealing with life situations. "Boston Public" was always a chance for me to realize how high school really is. It was one hour worth spending. I am mostly impressed by Lauren Davis (Jessalyn Gilsig), Harry Senate (Nicky Katt), Ronnie Cooke (Jery Ryan), Steven Harper (Chi McBride) & Marylin Sudot (Sharon Leal).
  • Great but unrealistically shocking?

    This series probably would'nt leave a very good impression of the American Schools and the sex starved, sex hungry teenagers populating them but despite its blatant use of sexual topics both explicitly and implicitly, there are a lot more of good things and good messages built into this series. Sometimes things get really weird when the writers try to push the limits in aiming to make the series more shocking. It is without doubt a fantastic piece of entertainment but the events portrayed within in may raise some debate. Despite that it is still one of the best shows in TV history.
  • Lose the reality, keep the real!

    This is yet another casualty in the network's ratings grab. This show falls in the category of 'hey, I was watching that!' Networks could care less. I admit, Fox has been delivering some superb dramas (House, Prison Break, 24),but there's always room for more. And I know this show brought in the coveted 18-34 demographic. Doesn't make sense why it's gone.
  • Boston public is ok!

    I liked the show because its always happens in middle school's & high school's most of the time with our teachers & students, like drugs , sex & more

    Boston Public been droped from TV one and WE
    no longer as reruns. I'm kind of happy it's droped because it was getting old.

  • So's amazing.

    I frigging love this show! I just started watching it and it's over!! How Stupid am I? Where was I when this show was popular. It's on all the time. The first episode I watched was the one with Mini Me lol. But the first one I really got into was when Miko Hughes started being messed up and pretending to be Jesus.
    This show is insanely intense. In every episode, someone either gets hurt or killed. There's a lot of drama and crying involved. I seriously hate it when the grown men cry. Like all the teachers have so much drama in their lives. The students are equally insanely dramatic.
    Nonetheless, it's an awesome show.
  • Love this show!

    Love this show, especially the characters and their interactions with each other within Winslow High. A personal favourite is Lipshultz, only someone of his age and doubtful mental stabililty could get away with such un PC comments, like calling all his students 'douchebags'! There were some classic story lines, like the student who believes he is Jesus after an electric shock, Guber going out with an ex porn star (a big improvement on the one handed freak!), Sheila's obsessive crush on Ms. Woods, Marla and Danny's brawl (after which he askes her out on a date) and Harper thrashing a racist father. The series also had some great actors, Geri Ryan from Satr Trek: Voyager and Michael Rapaport from 'Zebrahead' to mention but a few.

  • the best you can get

    the best you can get
    every thing just in one show
    you well love it thats it
    nothing less nothing more
    you well truly love it

    from the start you well find that

    there is some thing that you well find for real that some of you is in these

    you well find that some one in the show represent you in any way may be some time in long run but you well find your self there

    there is no reason to end it like that and we hope that it well be back one day

    in my view it's one of the best if it isn't the best

  • Great show and I don't get why they ended it!!

    I just don't get why the cancel all those great shows and this was one of those great shows. The story was realistic and great it was about a way things can go on a school and it was one of my favorites and I really think its so bad the ended it and I hope the cast will find a new serie or movie whatever to show again how good the are!!!
  • Dignity isn't something you practice. You either have it or you don't." From the Emmy Award-winning creator of Ally McBeal and The Practice, comes David E. Kelley's newest series, Boston Public

    I'm from Holland and they've quit the show here, me and my neighbour are furious about it! We liked it a lot! It had great humor in it and it was well written, I don't get it why did they quit it:S My neighbour tried sending them a message but they just don't respond it's absolutely mental! So someone from RTL 4 if you read this: Please BRING It BACK!
  • Good show, but went downhill too fast

    "Boston Public" was an excellent show. The writing in the first season was absolutely amazing but, unfortunately, it would not last. The first 2 seasons were good but by the last 2, it went downhill. Season 3 had some OK episodes, but new writers ruined it by hiring actors, who look like they should be playing students, to play teachers. While I hate FOX, it's probably just as well they axed it (of course, putting it on Fridays made in much easier to do that) instead of letting it drag on for years without it being interesting.
  • One of the best shows

    I loved this show. This show was and is one of the best dramas. I mean this show was so realistic because some of the stuff that happened on that show, happened at my high school. And I learn so many uncommon facts.Bull, those facts help me pass tests. This is a very rare show for me because there are no hot guys, but I still like it.
  • The one my top shows!

    This was a high quality show at the time. Plus the theme song was very cool. Man, even my mom watched it. Mr. lipshilt however you say his name he was very funny. Probably the only show that was able to pull of saying shit attached to a last show.
  • Bring It Back! Please!!

    This show really depicts real lives of teachers in the public school system. 'Boston Public' gave viewers a chance to relate to inside goings of a school. I am glad they have the show on DVD; I can watch the old shows when I want. I want David Kelly to come up with new situations for the staff and students to deal with. This shows how smart David Kelly is.
  • Begining in the fall of 2000, Boston Public was a drama, mixed with comedy, about a high school in the inner city of Boston.

    Boston Public was and still is one of my favorite shows. What i loved most about the show is how real the whole thing felt. Going through high school at the same time as the show was being aired, I could really connect with the charecters. Yes its true that almost all of the situations didn't occur at my school but I was at a very small suburban NY high school, this took place in a large city school. The writing along with the actors, just let me connect so much witht he charecters on screen. My personal favorites being Ms. Davis(Gilsig), Mr. Senate (Katt), and Mr. Hanson(Rappaport). I can't reccomend this show anymore. Especially the first couple of seasons. Yes, Fox purposley killed the show by moving it to Friday, and not promoting it at all, but towards the end, the show had lost a lot os steam. Especially after season three when Harry Senate left the school. The stories also began to sag. I knew that the show was close to being over when they had an episode about a student who thought he was Jesus. Still I love this show, and wished that it was still on. You can however catch re-runs on WE at 10 and sometimes 11am, during the weekdays. And we can also hope for a DVD collection, it has to come out some time.
  • Self-righteous liberal propaganda. An embarrassment, even by network TV standards.

    Only caught one episode of this leftist fantasy, the preposterous premise that a 300-lb. girl could compete on the wrestling team. Previews always revealed ridiculous premises and detestably self-righteous characters. Jeri Ryan's character was expecially noxious, most typified as the butt-in-ski who tried to make a date rape case out of sex between students. The whole show was-- like most TV fare these days-- unabashed leftist propaganda typically designed to brainwash the public, alienate the races, sexes and generations, dumb-down children and adults alike, and make more "work" (read "income") for lawyers and other corrupt "professionals."
    The death of the morbidly obese girl in the moronic episode mentioned above brought on a lawsuit.
  • A Highschool drama that was one of the best

    This was one of the best highschool drama shows I have ever seen. But instead of just showing the student they are showing the teachers that are struggling to maintain the school, teach the student and keep their sanity.
    I was really sad when it ended because I was actually hoping for more of Boston Public
  • I'm SOOOO SAD it's over!! I really enjoyed this high school drama because it was unique and had a great script. This is the ulimate drama for teens. It deals with issues normal young and old peopel deal with and they make it so good and it also teaches us

    I'm SO SAD it's over!! I really enjoyed this high school drama because it was unique and had a great script. This is the ulimate drama for teens. It deals with issues normal young and old peopel deal with and they make it so good and it also teaches us. They achieved in teaching us more than the things people go through but teaches us morality and deals with issues like violence racism and whats right and wrong. This show is so well written and is definitely underappreciated, it oe of the best shows ever and really wish they could continue it!!
  • Another classic show that was underappreciated and ended way too soon.

    The best part about Boston Public, was the fact that they tackle some real issues, instead of all the fake crap that all the other education related dramas had. No other show went as far as this show did. The issues that this show went thru went alot further than just school grades and other simple problems. This show entailed: prostitution, harrassment, racism, abuse and just about every other possible problem that a kid in school could possible go thru... in hell.
  • Another great David E. Kelley show

    David E. Kelley did it again. He somehow managed to create another fantastic drama. I really enjoyed this show for the first two seasons. Then, as with most of Kelley's shows, cast changes galore began. Even top-billed Jessalyn Gilsig disappeared and the worst part was that her character's absence was not addressed. I lost interest in the show during season 3, but I fondly remember the first two fantastic years.
  • I loved this show period. It had a great cast, powerful storylines and I believe a refreshing change to what Ally McBeal and the Practice had to offer. A shame it had to end but I will always cherish the four seasons it had...

    I rate Boston Public as the best show D.Kelley has created so far. It may be argued by many that Ally McBeal, the Practice and Boston Legal have the cutting edge, but Boston Public was so much different than the above. It sure had the same old recipe of a dose of comedy amongst all the drama, but the characters defined the show for me. The relationships between the staff (teachers) are great to watch, as well as their interactions with the students. The majority of the stories are compelling even after Harry Senate (Nicky Katt) was taken out of the series in season 3. The teachers are always there for the students that always find themselves in some sort of trouble. The principal (Chi McBride) is the patriarch of the school who everyone at some time request help from. The teachers all have their strength and weaknesses that they try to deal with everyday at Boston Public.
    I just love the positive message that always gets out at the end of each episode. It is a nice way to end the episode after all the drama during it. I have still not seen the final season so looking forward to repeats on TV or a possible DVD release.
  • One of the greatest dramas on television! It never even got a fraction of the credit it deserved! This show needs to be released on DVD! It's not fair that all these terrible shows get released on DVD, but great shows like this are stuck in television lim

    One of the greatest dramas on television! It never even got a fraction of the credit it deserved! This show needs to be released on DVD pronto! It's not fair that all of these terrible shows are being released on DVD, but a great show like this are stuck in television limbo. They don't even show reruns! We get nothing!
  • Moving this shows timeslot was a mistake.

    I loved this show great drama. Every episode had somthing dramatic happen. THe storys were so great. I couldnt believe how i found teachers on the show that were my favorites. I believe moving this show to a friday noght was a mistake. Because other channels have there great lineups like TGIF and others. This show was on another channel for a while but doesnt seem to be on anymore. I just hope this show comes on to DVD.
  • Life as a teacher is not always easy, especially not if you teach at Boston Public. This show follows the lives of the teachers at one of Boston's underperforming high schools. Personal relationships and current issues are focused on.

    As an educator, I was immediately interested in Boston Public. So many series, whether they were dramas or comedies, focus on the students. This was a show that finally shows the teacher's side of education.

    Boston Public battles current issues, both personal and nation-wide. These include homosexuality, teen pregnancy, the recent terror threats and ethical teacher conduct. This makes Boston Public a show which gives people something to think about. What would I have done in this situation?

    I have only one gripe about this show: it's hideously unrealistic at times. One episode features a student cheating tests by hiding a 'little person' genius in his locker. That is never going to happen. However, most issues tackled are real-life issues. Boston Public can therefore not only be used as a great show to watch, but also as a model for high schools everywhere and indeed society. The possibilities for discussion in social studies classes are nearly endless.
  • Boston Public might have been a prime time soap in many respects. But it was well acted and well written.

    David E. Kelly did a fine job on BP. The characters were believeable. The producers of this show clearly did all of the right research to ensure that the show correctly displayed 21st century public high school life.

    Seasons 1 & 2 were both fantastic. Coming into season 3, a variety of cast changes began to take their toll. Nicky Katt left and his character Harry Senate was one of my favorites.

    Also during season 3, the episode plots seemed to start repeating themselves. There's only so much drama that can be milked out of a high school. In reality of course, High School is usually a pretty boring place day to day.

    By its fourth season, BP was a shadow of its former self. Fox moved it to Fridays and it was cancelled without the series finale it deserved.

    BP will be a forgotten show in a few years. And this is a shame. Because for its first two seasons it was one of the best shows on TV.
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