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  • Begining in the fall of 2000, Boston Public was a drama, mixed with comedy, about a high school in the inner city of Boston.

    Boston Public was and still is one of my favorite shows. What i loved most about the show is how real the whole thing felt. Going through high school at the same time as the show was being aired, I could really connect with the charecters. Yes its true that almost all of the situations didn't occur at my school but I was at a very small suburban NY high school, this took place in a large city school. The writing along with the actors, just let me connect so much witht he charecters on screen. My personal favorites being Ms. Davis(Gilsig), Mr. Senate (Katt), and Mr. Hanson(Rappaport). I can't reccomend this show anymore. Especially the first couple of seasons. Yes, Fox purposley killed the show by moving it to Friday, and not promoting it at all, but towards the end, the show had lost a lot os steam. Especially after season three when Harry Senate left the school. The stories also began to sag. I knew that the show was close to being over when they had an episode about a student who thought he was Jesus. Still I love this show, and wished that it was still on. You can however catch re-runs on WE at 10 and sometimes 11am, during the weekdays. And we can also hope for a DVD collection, it has to come out some time.
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