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  • An amazing show (that should have been cancelled after two seasons--it would be a big hit if they stopped it when it was the strongest.)

    "Boston Public," a show about teachers and teenagers in Winslow high school never dissapointed me during first two seasons. The show was amazing, it had everything that a "drama" man would love. The show was a good mix of drama, reality & stuff that every teenager/teacher goes through.

    It was one hour that I would gladly spend on watching this show, because the stories were always so real. David E. Kelley can really create an amazing show. Just look at "The Practice" and "Ally McBeal" and you'll see what I mean.

    Anyway, to not get off track, this show was at the top during first two seasons. It all got ruined after Lauren & Louisa left the show. The stories became surreal, new uniteresting characters were introduced and it was hard to bring back the fame that the show had.

    The show never got a proper ending. The ratings went down fast, and the show was cancelled. I wish that it had ended after two seasons. It would have been such a great classic.

    If you decide to watch this show, I suggest you watch only the first two seasons, and believe me, you will be very impressed. Don't let the next two seasons ruin your impression of the show.

    I personally enjoyed watching teachers on their job-how they are dealing with life situations. "Boston Public" was always a chance for me to realize how high school really is. It was one hour worth spending. I am mostly impressed by Lauren Davis (Jessalyn Gilsig), Harry Senate (Nicky Katt), Ronnie Cooke (Jery Ryan), Steven Harper (Chi McBride) & Marylin Sudot (Sharon Leal).
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