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  • Boston Public might have been a prime time soap in many respects. But it was well acted and well written.

    David E. Kelly did a fine job on BP. The characters were believeable. The producers of this show clearly did all of the right research to ensure that the show correctly displayed 21st century public high school life.

    Seasons 1 & 2 were both fantastic. Coming into season 3, a variety of cast changes began to take their toll. Nicky Katt left and his character Harry Senate was one of my favorites.

    Also during season 3, the episode plots seemed to start repeating themselves. There's only so much drama that can be milked out of a high school. In reality of course, High School is usually a pretty boring place day to day.

    By its fourth season, BP was a shadow of its former self. Fox moved it to Fridays and it was cancelled without the series finale it deserved.

    BP will be a forgotten show in a few years. And this is a shame. Because for its first two seasons it was one of the best shows on TV.
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