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  • I loved this show period. It had a great cast, powerful storylines and I believe a refreshing change to what Ally McBeal and the Practice had to offer. A shame it had to end but I will always cherish the four seasons it had...

    I rate Boston Public as the best show D.Kelley has created so far. It may be argued by many that Ally McBeal, the Practice and Boston Legal have the cutting edge, but Boston Public was so much different than the above. It sure had the same old recipe of a dose of comedy amongst all the drama, but the characters defined the show for me. The relationships between the staff (teachers) are great to watch, as well as their interactions with the students. The majority of the stories are compelling even after Harry Senate (Nicky Katt) was taken out of the series in season 3. The teachers are always there for the students that always find themselves in some sort of trouble. The principal (Chi McBride) is the patriarch of the school who everyone at some time request help from. The teachers all have their strength and weaknesses that they try to deal with everyday at Boston Public.
    I just love the positive message that always gets out at the end of each episode. It is a nice way to end the episode after all the drama during it. I have still not seen the final season so looking forward to repeats on TV or a possible DVD release.