Boston Public - Season 3

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  • Chapter Sixty-Six
    Chapter Sixty-Six
    Episode 22
    When a student writes a letter to Whitney Houston asking her to attend the prom with him, faculty and students are amazed that she accepts. Houston's attendance at the prom causes Aisha, who is set to perfrom, to get stage fright. Meanwhile, Harper presents a radical way to prevent the firing of teachers for budget reasons; and Danny asks Claire's father's permission to marry her.moreless
  • Chapter Sixty-Five
    Chapter Sixty-Five
    Episode 21
    Hanson, looking for a way to increase his chances in adopting his niece, makes a sudden proposal to Claire (Missy Yager). Meanwhile, Guber challenges a student (rap star GQ guest stars) who wants to use rap music to show why Shakespeare "sucks"; and Marilyn doesn't trust a record producer (hip-hop star/actor Method Man guest stars) who's pushing to sign Aisha to a recording deal. Also of note for this episode, the band Lifehouse ("Hanging by a Moment") will perform at Doyle's Bar.moreless
  • Chapter Sixty-Four
    Chapter Sixty-Four
    Episode 20
    Aisha (Gray) is shocked when her father, a one-time famous musician but now an alcoholic, makes a surprise visit to Winslow High. He is seriously ill and leaves Aisha a tattered song manuscript. She puts words to the melody, which becomes her rendition of "Dance With My Father" (Luther Vandross' biographical song to be released in June). Meanwhile, motherhood troubles Marcie, who's taking a parental-training course, and fears for his niece's welfare preoccupy Danny, whose sister is still using drugs.moreless
  • Chapter Sixty-Three
    Chapter Sixty-Three
    Episode 19
    Sudden fame heartens Ronnie, credited for high exam scores posted at Winslow, yet she's also facing a romantic crisis with Zach; a student-council election tests a shy, awkward teen.
  • Chapter Sixty-Two
    Chapter Sixty-Two
    Episode 18
    Courtroom drama energizes Ronnie, who's defending two teens in a murder arraignment; high test scores by poor students prompt Guber's undercover investigation.
  • Chapter Sixty-One
    Chapter Sixty-One
    Episode 17
    Tensions surface over Ronnie's new post; Aisha's participation in the school musical and her relationship with J.T.; Harvey's required recertification; and Danny's care for his niece.
  • Chapter Sixty
    Chapter Sixty
    Episode 16
    Emotional Marla imperils a promotion; rattled Hanson tends to a 4-year-old niece; conflicted Aisha, recast in the school musical, confronts her jealous boyfriend.
  • Chapter Fifty-Nine
    Chapter Fifty-Nine
    Episode 15
    Anxiety besets Winslow staffers, scrutinized by the mayor's spy; a teacher's sex scandal is grist for the mill of student TV-journalists; boyfriend-related tensions affect school-musical star Aisha.
  • Chapter Fifty-Eight
    Chapter Fifty-Eight
    Episode 14
    American Idol songbird Tamyra Gray, who lost the competition but won the hearts of TV audiences, makes her TV dramatic debut. Gray plays a shy Winslow student named Aisha, whose solo in an empty study hall overwhelms Marylin. So she persuades Aisha to audition for the upcoming school musical. The tryout's a disaster, but, thanks to Marylin's confidence-building, Aisha gets another shot. In other storylines, the battering of a gay teen prompts Guber to take a stand for tolerance; and a quickening crush on a fellow student ruffles a schoolgirl genius---who's 12.moreless
  • Chapter Fifty-Seven
    Chapter Fifty-Seven
    Episode 13
    Valentine's Day marks the arrival of Guber's watchful mother; awakens a troubled coed's feelings for Kimberly; and trifles with romances among Winslow faculty members.
  • Chapter Fifty-Six
    Chapter Fifty-Six
    Episode 12
    Guber's speech team star has an issue, Russell decides on a college, while mixed signals rattle Colin as his affair comes to a close.
  • Chapter Fifty-Five
    Chapter Fifty-Five
    Episode 11
    Moral and ethical dilemmas surround Flynn's adulterous affair; the college recruitment of Winslow's basketball star; and the plight of a pregnant teen.
  • Chapter Fifty-Four
    Chapter Fifty-Four
    Episode 10
    Anne Archer plays willful and sultry Patricia Emerson, whose daughter Becky is a student in an English class taught by Colin Flynn. At a home-tutoring session for Becky, Mrs. Emerson comes on to Flynn. It's an attempted seduction that really heats up when Emerson---who says she's related to the poet-essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson---begins interpreting Emily Dickinson's "The Sea" for him as a poem rich in sexual metaphors. Elsewhere, Winslow's basketball coach denies charges that he illegally recruited a star player---who's enamored of Harper's daughter.moreless
  • Chapter Fifty-Three
    A teen's pregnancy sensitizes Guber; a gang slaying deeply affects Kimberly and her prize student; romantic liaisons have differing impacts on Ronnie and Hanson.
  • Chapter Fifty-Two
    Chapter Fifty-Two
    Episode 8
    This holiday episode is enriched by dramatic confrontations, romantic complications and poignant reconciliations. For openers, the tense situation in a previous installment involving a parish priest and an altar boy yields a startling revelation from Hanson. Guber and Marylin are partnered in an off-campus dance class; Ronnie and Zach are increasingly frustrated in their zealous search for a secret trysting place; and Lipschultz is predictably discomforted---especially by an invitation to attend his black son's family gathering on Christmas Day.moreless
  • Chapter Fifty-One
    Chapter Fifty-One
    Episode 7
    A jailed Harper faces a manslaughter charge in the death of a student's father; a rebellious teen receives unsolicited help from Hanson, who uncovers the youth's dark secret.
  • Chapter Fifty
    Chapter Fifty
    Episode 6
    Violence and compassion commingle in this insightful episode. In the main plot, a rebellious, Irish-American teen squares off against an offended, African-American classmate in a racially incited brawl that distresses their caring teacher and leads to a more contentious fray with principal Harper. In other storylines, Winslow teachers undergo peer evaluations where Ronnie reluctantly grades Zach, with whom she has a somewhat romantic involvement.moreless
  • Chapter Forty-Nine
    Chapter Forty-Nine
    Episode 5
    Senate's erratic behavior rattles Ronnie and prompts a telling showdown with Harper; pupil misconduct provokes a new teacher, whose youth belies grit.
  • Chapter Forty-Eight
    A sex scandal among teens rocks Winslow and prompts a mock trial of the accused instigator, a clean-cut senior who's defended, prosecuted and judged by his peers.
  • Chapter Forty-Seven
    The race attack gets worse, action is to be taken against the student's who drive dangerously, and Guber has a lot to face up to.
  • Chapter Forty-Six
    Chapter Forty-Six
    Episode 2
    The school is in chaos after the riot, racial abuse is thrown in the direction of Marla, and Guber is surprised with the actions of one of his top students.
  • Chapter Forty-Five
    Chapter Forty-Five
    Episode 1
    A new year arrives at Winslow High and new tensions immediately arise. Brooke is caught in the middle when a group of students plan a walkout because the administration has been unable to handle crucial issues such as toxic mold in the bathrooms and overcrowded classrooms. Meanwhile, two new, young teachers, Zach Fischer and Colin Flynn, start at Winslow High. Fischer immediately causes problems with Harper when he fuels the fire of the student protests.moreless