Boston Public - Season 4

FOX (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Chapter Eighty-One
    Chapter Eighty-One
    Episode 15
    Ronnie catches a male teacher hugging a female student; Hanson worries that he may be a control freak following an incident in his Drivers' Education class; several students are caught photographing themselves nude with only words written across their bodies.
  • Chapter Eighty
    Chapter Eighty
    Episode 14
    A former student of Winslow High dies in Iraq while serving the U.S. Army. Principal Harper receives a letter from the deceased student which brings back old memories back to the days when he took care of him and pulled him away from a life in the gutter. Danny Hanson struggles with a student in his class who's been hacking into the school's computer base; finding out about the teachers' private lives and upcoming tests.moreless
  • Chapter Seventy-Nine
    Henry gives bad advice to a brainiac student who wants to become an artist. Marla has a miscarriage. Rainy is thrown out of her foster home. Claire and Danny have to face the fact that Danny's sister wants her daughter back.
  • Chapter Seventy-Eight
    Views on affirmative action divide the students; the teachers hope to quell the resulting tensions by debating the subject in front of the student body.
  • Chapter Seventy-Seven
    An overachieving student sues the school when she has to share presidency of the honor society with a black student in a wheelchair; Marla begins her in-vitro process.
  • Chapter Seventy-Five
    Guber discovers the high-school drum line's freshman hazing involves physical abuse; a student-produced TV documentary about Ronnie worries her; a father is sentenced to being handcuffed to his son for a week.
  • Chapter Seventy-Six
    Guber contends with a student who thinks he is Jesus and is using school funds to feed the homeless; Marla mistakenly books R.E.M. for a school fund-raiser.
  • Chapter Seventy-Four
    Harper decides to call the FBI when he learns that a student has been accessing a terrorist recruitment web site from the school library; Ronnie learns that one of her students has HIV.
  • Chapter Seventy-Three
    Charlie Bixby (Dennis Miller) takes an unconventional approach when volunteering at a teen hotline; Marla decides to try in vitro fertilization and asks Harper to be the donor; Carmen reveals a secret from her past.
  • Chapter Seventy-Two
    A student discovers Harper and Marilyn have been secretly dating and threatens to go to the school board; Hanson and Claire try to assist a student who is having trouble with his dad.
  • Chapter Seventy-One
    An investment banker, convicted of securities fraud, avoids jail time by agreeing to community service: teaching math at Winslow High. A sexy and eccentric woman smashes into Guber's car and then crashes her way into his life.
  • Chapter Seventy
    Chapter Seventy
    Episode 4
    An enraged student slaps Marla's face in front of the class, and Marla slaps her back; Hanson discovers Allison behaves like a bully at school; Carmen asks Harper to remove Jake from her class.
  • Chapter Sixty-Nine
    Chapter Sixty-Nine
    Episode 3
    A female student files a serious sexual-harassment charge against Danny; a classroom debate over the U.S. involvement in Iraq turns violent; the tension between Harper and Guber over Marylin reaches the boiling point.
  • Chapter Sixty-Eight

    After a cheerleader is attacked, blame falls on another student's mother (Sean Young); Carmen goes head to head with a "bad boy" student (Milo Ventigmilia); Hanson copes with a student who says he is the son of God.

  • Chapter Sixty-Seven
    Ronnie witnesses an attempted rape, then receives a shock when she presses for legal action on behalf of the victim (guest star Amanda Fuller); Hanson tries to prevent a student from being expelled for drugs.