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  • Fighting For The Truth

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 12/17/13

  • Boston's Finest

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 4/16/13

  • Protecting Your Own

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 4/9/13

    Terrique Chambers didn't become a Boston police officer because it was an easy job, but after six years on the force, his work is - more than ever - at odds with his family life, and his responsibilities at home. With two young sons, one of whom is autistic, the challenges of working nights in the gang unit are mounting. Meanwhile, his counterparts on the day gang unit are focused on something very different: the Boston Police Department's annual fitness challenge, and their desire to outperform their rivals in the fugitive unit. But Ryan Mason, Greg Dankers and company have a secret weapon in the competition, and they'll get an additional boost of momentum if they can first track down a dangerous criminal said to be hiding out in Dorchester.moreless
  • Family Matters

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 4/3/13

    It's been a little more than a year since gang unit officer D Araujo found himself staring at the wrong end of a gun at close range on a chase for a suspect. He made it out, but the experience has stuck with him, particularly on cases like the one he's on now - teaming up with the SWAT team to capture a suspect who's been involved in a series of gun battles in Mattapan. Meanwhile, over on the fugitive unit, Greg Dankers works days tracking down criminals while his wife Nancy, also a cop, works nights. With twin boys at home, that doesn't leave many openings for date nights, but as he pursues a suspect, he's hoping there will be enough time to cook his wife dinner after the catch. And for patrol officer Jenn Penton, the ongoing events with her troubled sister is a reminder of how much family matters.moreless
  • Ends of Days

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 3/26/13

    After more than a quarter century as a Boston cop, and following a year filled with personal difficulties, Robert "Twitch" Twitchell has gotten a call: He's being promoted to Sergeant. Now, with just a week left as a detective on the gang unit, he's focused on bringing in one last criminal, a gang member wanted for assault with a firearm. Leading the search for the suspect, though, will require every bit of wisdom and experience he's acquired on the job. Meanwhile, on the night gang unit, it's a very different kind of week for Officer Myles Lawton, as the anniversary of the murder of his father, a former cop himself, is approaching. The emotions are complicated by a frustrating case in Roxbury, where a shooter got away, and no one seems to know anything about him.moreless
  • Calming the Storm

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 3/20/13

    In Dorchester, a string of gang-related shootings has the Boston Police Department on high alert. Things take a turn for the worse when a 20-year-old apparent gang member is shot execution-style in a local barbershop. With retaliation expected, the cops do everything they can to calm tensions and prevent another tragedy. Across town, the Fugitive Unit is on the trail of a dangerous knife-wielding robbery suspect.moreless
  • Love Hurts

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 3/13/13

    The Boston Police conduct a massive drug raid in South Boston, and a patrol officer looking for love experiments with speed dating.
  • The City They Call Home

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 3/5/13

  • Everything is Personal

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 2/27/13