Bottle Fairy

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2003 on TV Kanagawa



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    • Chiriri: Right! We wanted to ask you what a real ceresmony was, Tama-chan.
      Tama: A ceremony? Well, let's see...This is a most difficult question you have there. The top researchers have spent years answering that very question, but...There are ghosts involved. There's a legend that if you investigate what a ceremony is, ghosts will appear! Do you still want to know?

    • Kururu: Oboro-chan is a winged cat on an endless quest to find his mother's enemy. Please, help Oboro-chan in whatever way you can, it says...
      Chiriri: Poor Oboro-chan...
      Sarara: What a superb warrior's spirit.
      Kururu: Let's help Oboro-chan!

    • Chiriri: In short, if we go through this "entrance ceremony," we should be able to go to school as well!
      Kururu: Cool, cool! School! School!

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