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Bounty Girls: Miami

Sunday 10:00 PM on truTV Premiered Aug 05, 2007 Between Seasons


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Bounty Girls: Miami

Show Summary

Look out Miami-based criminals--the Sunshine State Bail Bonds crew is coming for you! Court TV spotlights an all-female team of bounty hunters as they use all their assets to rid the state of riff-raff.

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AIRED ON 9/27/2007

Season 1 : Episode 9

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  • dumb

    if your such real women, why work for a man? Last season was alright. Now just seems as though just being used to be sxy idols for better ratings. Real women keep it real. One is too old and needs to stay home with great grandchildren. The other three just young,dumb & not cute nor sexy. Wanna be that,be a stripper & leave law to real authorities!!!!!!!!!!!! Real women chasing criminals don,t do so half dressed. Ya'll just really come off real fake & rehearsed. Let's try to be more serious bout job & less trying to be cute!! Thanks- not a fanmoreless
  • Compelling saga of a crew of Florida bounty hunters.

    The newest addition to the Court TV lineup is a series which follows the skip tracers of Sunshine State Bail Bonds in Miami. This team is different, and not just because the bounty hunters in the field are all female. We get to see a lot of the surveillance aspect of the cases, which lends an all-new dimension to the viewer's knowledge. That's a welcome thing. Perhaps the one major flaw is that we spend a little too much time hearing them discuss minor aspects of transportation, and in one episode in particular, a barnstorming argument between two bounty hunters. We didn't need to hear all five to ten minutes of it. Other than that, however, this makes for an entertaining and adventurous show.moreless
  • Total rip off!

    I almost threw up watching one episode of this god awful show! Who gave Barbie & Friends a bail bond license? Those girls are giving my home state a bad name! All this show is, is a case of a network trying to rip off A&E'S Dog The Bounty Hunter. Well its not working, I turned off Bounty Girls after only 10 minutes and ended up watching an episode of Dog that I had on TiVo. You know there are a lot of people who like to put the Chapman family down but you know what? They have a hell of a lot more honor and respect than The Idiot Girls!

    I'm surprised the theme song to this show isn't Barbie Girl. This is what would happen if we gave Britney Spears and Paris Hilton a bail bond license. Those girls are going to get either themselves or someone else hurt and they need to grow the hell up and find new jobs.

    I was asked how to classify this show and I could only pick one but heres what I think:

    Who Though Of This?

    Why Did I Watch That?


    Going Downhill Fast

    Complete Waste Of Time(Ten minutes of my life I won't ever get back!)moreless
  • Distasteful woman running off their adrenaline!

    Honestly? This show is bad, I mean real bad! The girls run off at the mouth and run off pure adrenaline. Which we all know is the wrong way to catch a fugitive who could have a loaded gun. I think one of them will get shot with in the next few weeks. The girls sit in there truck on the way to apprehend a person and totally just run at the mouth about them. Dog and his family have more class than any one of those females have in there pinky finger! What's with their "Lets go shopping" "I broke my nail" attitudes? They need to go back to school and learn proper English. I couldn't sit through the first show!moreless
  • clyde will screw this show up!!!!!!!

    it was ok til clyde started whining...she will mess this show up!! she is spoiled and doesn't work well with others...get rid of her and you might still save this show!!!!!!!!

    most of the last show was arguing between clyde and someone...it would have been more interesting if someone had slugged her and told her to shut up!!!!

    I have enough issues in my daily life with spoiled brats to want to sit down and watch one on tv in my free time

    it does not make for good tv...I don't mind disagreements

    but this went to a new level in booring!

    fix this or most people won't keep watching!moreless

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