Bounty Girls: Miami

Sunday 10:00 PM on truTV Premiered Aug 05, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Compelling saga of a crew of Florida bounty hunters.

    The newest addition to the Court TV lineup is a series which follows the skip tracers of Sunshine State Bail Bonds in Miami. This team is different, and not just because the bounty hunters in the field are all female. We get to see a lot of the surveillance aspect of the cases, which lends an all-new dimension to the viewer's knowledge. That's a welcome thing. Perhaps the one major flaw is that we spend a little too much time hearing them discuss minor aspects of transportation, and in one episode in particular, a barnstorming argument between two bounty hunters. We didn't need to hear all five to ten minutes of it. Other than that, however, this makes for an entertaining and adventurous show.