Bounty Hamster

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Bounty Hamster

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Bounty Hamster is set in future space and its about a girl called Cassie who's father has been kidnapped by space pirates. He didn't come back for her like he said he would so she decided to go looking for him. And to help her she hired the roughest, toughest, meanest bounty hunter in the galaxy......but he was too expensive. So she ended up with a small blue hamster with one heck of an attitude and a very loud mouth. That's when her troubles really began! Together they travel through space, making new friends, and enemies, along the way! This is a cartoon series produced by Silver Fox Films and Peafur Productions.
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  • A thirteen year old girl and a talking hamster try to find her father in outer space

    Bounty Hamster is one of my favourite cartoons and features the adventures of Cassie, a thirteen year old girl, and Marion, a blue talking hamster who is the only bounty hunter Cassie could afford to help her find her father who was captured by pirates. This show is really funny and entertaining and there are plenty of references to shows and films, and the humour is quite intelligent. The characters are all funny and have interesting personalities and this is certainly and entertaining show. Marions personality is of a tough person, and despite his small size he will never fail to attack anyone who calls him 'cute'. The many planets and characters in space are quite interesting. Certainly an entertaining show.moreless
  • A fun show with an unusual storyline set in the future, about a girl\'s quest to find her father. She is aided by a small blue furry talking hamster.

    I first found out about this show in a magazine and decided to give it a try. I saw the second episode but missed the first one. I was instantly impressed. Even though each episode lasts only 10 minutes, it's a great show. Basically a girl called Cassie and her friend, a bounty hunter Hamster named Marion are in search of Cassie's father. There's a price on his head and all the bounty hunters are looking for him. Cassie and Marion form an unlikely friendship as they travel through space in Marion's home made space ship, Keith.

    There's a lot to look out for in each episode as there are a lot of sci-fi related parodies and tributes and it has something that every age range will find amusing. The episodes are never predictable and the stories are well thought out. The episodes each have a different storyline although in some episodes they refer to stuff thats happened previously so there is some kind of running storyline throughout. Sadly the series finished after 27 episodes due to financial difficulties and was never continued. Its well worth checking out though, since its a real gem of animation and shouldn't be forgotten!moreless