Bounty Hunter

CBS Premiered Sep 01, 2005 Between Seasons


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Bounty Hunter

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This drama centers on a father and his two sons, who earn a living as bounty hunters. This comes from Spelling TV.
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  • leland is so hottt

    Leland is so hottttt.... And there is no ring so he must be divorced.. well anyways i just want them to be extremily safe.... So i also think that them messing with leland is so freakin hott... Expeccialy seein him get all red and then flash his beautiful smile... Leland is so sexy!!
  • i would like to say i think all of u guys are so cool, an leland is so hot hope you are are well an i love the show.. be safe..moreless

    i would like to say i think all of u guys are so cool, an leland is so hot hope things are well and i love the show,,, be safe.please write me back i would love to hear from all of u really soon. there is one thing i would like to know is leland really married... Dog your team is the most strong people i know and can kick so butt keep it up u all are doing a very good job....moreless
  • Bounty Hunter is the best show on tv

    This is one of T.V.\\\\\\\'s best shows ever. The dog and his family are great keep it going. The reality of this show makes it so insteristing. Dog never gives up on getting his person and at the same time can bring his whole family together and seem like a normal family. In my opinion it is the best show on tv I just wish that it was on more often. Dog and his family can really show you families can work together and stay together,

    Dog you arte the bomb I just which you came to some of our towns.moreless
  • not dog the bounty hunter???????????

    it seems to me by the show review that this is a knock off from dog the bounty hunter on CBS is on A&E..are you all trying to trick us>hehe

    but if this is to be dog the bounty hunter then I have to say Leland is a hottie....very hot... and I love the show .Dog the bounty hunter is a great show .
  • This show has everything, Religion, humor,action, a smartelic woman, a hottie a weirdo and the calm and laid back

    I love this show. Beth is smart and elic which I like about her. Dog is a little weird but we can overlook that. One minute he is cursing and the next minute he is preaching. OK. Tim is cool with a good sense of humor. I havent quite figured out justin yet but ok. And as we all know Ladies Leland is the hottie. That's why we really watch the show. It could suck and we would still watch with the mute button on to see him. This show is really entertaining but for one i would like to see what they would do if a fugitive actually gave them some trouble


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