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Bravo (ended 2003)


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    Seriously! This is the best time to actually show this with the rise in gays and lesbians and the interest in learning about gays!
  • great show. i really liked it so much. i wish they would bring it back.

    i've watched every single episode and still watch the repeats i wish this show would come back it was so great. between the characters and the story lines it was like they were living my life sometimes. especially when they got older. everyone always says me and my fiance are like cory and topanga. they've been dating since they were little kids. thats like me and my fiance.
  • Bravo to the Bravo channel for this show

    This was tv's first real gay reality dating show and I really wish Bravo would do another one. Some thought the idea of keeping the leading man in the dark about some of the suitors being straight was mean, but I thought it was ok because it let the suitors and maybe some of the viewers a little insight into what it is really like to be gay. I thought leading man James was a little bland and his choice of Wes seemed wrong based on what we were shown on tv. Brian seemed to be a more suitable choice, but we only saw bits of their time together so that statement is just based on what we saw. Kudos to Bravo for doing this show in the first place.
  • This show couldn't have come at a better time. Light-hearted, cute cast, it really lifted my spirits during a time of need.

    Last year I was having a really tough time, mainly due to the fact that my boyfriend and I split up (though we did end up getting back together eventually). I was channel-surfing and came across Boy Meets Boy, and started watching. Lucky for me too, the series had finished, so the week I started watching, they had one or two episodes on per week-night, so I got to see it all in a week!

    James Getzlaff, the "lead" of the show, was also really easy on the eyes. I felt it was a little wrong of Bravo to add in the twist of James having to pick the gay guy (half the pool of potential dates was comprised of straight men). I guess some people might have enjoyed that, but... it felt like they went too far. Glad James picked the right guy... wonder if anything came of it? Perhaps they will air a follow-up someday? I'd watch it for sure.
  • A lightweight summer reality series which invited the audience to swallow some of its prejudice.

    I generally believe that those who agree to appear on a reality TV series deserve anything that they get, and audiences that watch such series deserve what they get as well.

    However I do have a weakness for a few such series and this was one. I liked trying to match my “gaydar” against those on the show. Knowing that the staff would try to throw us no amount of nelliness automatically qualified someone as gay and no amount of machismo automatically ruled someone straight.

    What some of the contestants learned, what I already knew, and what I hoped at least some of the audience picked up, is that gay stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. They sometimes fit and they sometimes don’t.

    I thought overall that this series had the potential to be enlightening for the uninformed while not being too obnoxious or insulting for those of us that are gay.

    Overall I enjoyed it for the semi-mindless summer programming that it was and it was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.