Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 14

A Kiss is More Than a Kiss

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 26, 1996 on ABC

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  • Let the jealousy begin...

    One of the best episodes of Season 3, I would say. This episode was amazing, I really like Cory getting jealous, I wouldn't think he would just let go of Topanga that easily. It was painful to watch Topanga & Nick making out at Chubbies, Cringe-worthy anyone? Anyways then another painful to watch moment is in which Cory says he doesn't want to be friends anymore, but it was so sweet when he pulled through for Topanga in the end for the the Prom Fest. I think the bright side of this episode was watching Morgan's return, how she kept on saying she was in her room for a long time, the other bright side was in which Cory was destroying all the stuff Topanga ever gave to him, and he destroys the bear & it starts screaming, hilarious. The subplot was also cringe-worthy, Eric getting accepted to a fake college, that is harsh, What was nice was Feeny finally gave him the recommendation letter he needed, a great ending to an amazing episode.
  • Topanga kisses someone else.

    Cory sees Topanga kissing another guy! Shawn makes Cory go on a date. Morgan comes out of hiding! Eric is rejected by many colleges, so he makes a vow that whenever one college rejects him, he will write five more applications. Mr. Feeny gives Eric a letter of recommendation.

    I liked this episode! It is so obvious that Cory and Topanga should be together. It is always difficult to see the one you love with somebody else. I really feel for Cory. I'm glad Eric isn't giving up. It was nice of Mr. Feeny to do that for Eric. It was hilarious seeing Morgan again. She has been absent for a long time and we finally see her! I loved this episode and it gets a 10!