Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 16

A Long Walk to Pittsburgh-Part I

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 07, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eric walks into Chubbie's and sees Shawn give Topanga a kiss on the cheek. When he gets home and tells Cory, Cory tries to call Topanga and Shawn but neither one is available. Feeling helpless and depressed, he pushes Eric. "I understand that your upset, and that's why I'm not gonna kick your butt.", "You saw him kiss her?", "I did.", "Then my butt's kicked anyway."

At school, Cory approaches Topanga but she rushes off before he can get any answers. He turns to Shawn, who tells him that Topanga got into a fight with her parents and the hug and kiss were innocent and consolatory.

When he gets home, Cory scolds Eric for jumping to conclusions. He defends Shawn and yells at Eric for failing in his big-brotherly duties to protect him. Eric still thinks something is amiss.

At Chubbie's, Eric finds Shawn and pulls him off his pinball game. He shoves him against the wall. "You don't know what's going on," Shawn pleads to Eric. "Yeah? You think you can do something that causes Cory pain, and you're not gonna get pain back? Then you don't know whats going on!" Cory comes rushing in to stop the confrontation, but he knows Shawn is hiding something. Cory wants to know why Topanga didn't go to him with her problems; Shawn tells him to talk to Topanga.

In Topanga's room, Cory wants an answer. When Topanga begins to cry, he realizes that something is really wrong. "How come there's so many boxes in your room?" he asks. Topanga tells him that her family is moving to Pittsburgh.

The couple decides to stay together and try to make the long-distance relationship work. As he's mapping out plans to see Topanga on weekends, Amy warns Cory that the distance will make the situation harder than he realizes. She thinks that the two should take a break, but Cory refuses to give up on the girl he wants to be with for the rest of his life. Amy thinks he's too young to think like this.

At Chubbie's, Shawn and Cory are drinking sodas. Cory is upset, but Shawn tells him not be. He's seen this plot hundreds of times on TV, and the girlfriend never really leaves.

Cory and Shawn wait for Topanga in Cory's backyard. When she arrives to say goodbye, Cory refuses. He still thinks that she's staying. Topanga is hurt, but she gives Cory a kiss and leaves. Shawn thinks that the car will turn around, but it doesn't.

Cory stands outside for along time. It grows dark. Eric walks up and tries to cheer Cory by taking him out for pizza. Cory just wants to stand there. Eric admits he doesn't know how to protect Cory from this pain. Cory tells Eric the best thing he can do is just stay with him. Eric assures him he's not going anywhere.
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