Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 17

A Long Walk to Pittsburgh-Part II

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 14, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Topanga and her family have moved to Pittsburgh. Shawn is trying to help Cory get over his loss, by inviting over two promiscuous English girls. Shawn is having a great time, but Cory is still depressed about Topanga leaving. He reminisces about Topanga with his "date", who sympathizes.
Later, Eric finds Cory, sulking in Topanga's empty room, and brings him home for dinner. Alan offers to take Cory to Pittsburgh for the weekend, but Amy thinks it's a bad idea. She voices her uncertainty about Cory and Topanga's future, much to Cory's dismay. Cory begins to lose hope, citing Topanga's lack of attempt to contact him; but when he opens the door, Topanga is standing there in the rain.
Topanga explains that she ran away to see Cory. Amy and Alan are concerned, so the call her parents, while Cory and Topanga hold on to each other.
Once Topanga dries off, she and Cory sit on the couch to talk. Topanga reveals that she was miserable and was just trying to keep busy, which is why she didn't contact him more often. Cory's parents enter and tell the two that Topanga's aunt, Prudence, is going to pick Topanga up. Topanga and Cory explain their feelings for each other, trying to convince his parents that they are truly in love. Amy still isn't sure.
Prudence shows up with orders to put Topanga on a train to Pittsburgh in the morning. Losing hope, Cory turns to Alan, who has been silent through the ordeal. Alan tells him to trust his mother, because she knows love when she sees it. Amy, realizing her sons feelings, says that forcing Topanga to leave everything she's known in her junior year, is irresponsible. "Are you saying that my sister and brother-in-law are irresponsible?" asks Prudence. "Yes, I am." This perks Prudence's interest, and she requests to discuss the matter in private with Amy and Alan.
Topanga and Cory are waiting on the porch when Mr. Feeny comes outside. He tells them that he believes they have something special, and urges them to hold on to it. Alan and Amy come outside with Prudence, who doesn't really believe in love, but realizes Topanga shouldn't have to change schools at this time in her life. That being said, she offers for Topanga to live with her for the remainder of high school.