Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 17

A Long Walk to Pittsburgh-Part II

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 14, 1997 on ABC

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  • Continuation of last weeks'

    Cory is depressed ever since Topanga moves, and when she comes to visit, she wants to say because they are truly in love. Amy and Alan believe them, but they have to convince Topanga's aunt, who doesn't believe in love.

    A good episode, I liked them having Topanga stay. She isn't my favorite character but I think having her on the show is good and essential, because without her characters such as Cory would not have the same characterization in each episode as we have grown to love. Anyways, this episode definitely gets an A+ in my books, really nice
  • Come to me

    Two parters as well as stories that deal with romance don't always do this, this episode does something that both sometimes fail to do, pay off.

    The reason why the romance in this episode pay off in mainly in it's believability, Cory and Topanga at times I felt felt like a couple that could exist. We see at first Cory is trying to like any person out of a relationship get back on the saddle. But for people like Cory it doesn't come easy and sometimes you just can't find that right horse because they simply don't have the same feel. I'll admit like a lot of people I was in suspense from part one, not just did I feel bad but I wasn't entirely sure what was going to happen to Cory now that Topanga is gone.

    However like everyone else my patience had paid off, once I saw Topanga at the back door soaking wet from running all the way back to Cory's home, I felt a sense of relief and joy because it just goes to show how deep the love both of them has goes, only people that feel that deeply about each other have the guts to do what Topanga did.

    I even love how both of them are being tested when they have both an argument/conversation with the parients. It was pritty interesting because it actually made Cory's parients evaluate their own feelings for one another and when they looked at the young couple it felt like they were looking at a mirror.

    And the presense of actress Oliva Hussey I thought was great as well as ironic since she was in the film "Romeo and Juliet" which of course was about loves so close and yet so far. It's a shame she never became a character in the show, she did a good job with well what she had.

    Of course everything works out in the end. As the saying goes, Love knows no bounds.
  • I loved it!

    Cory is nervous when him and Shawn go on a date. Topanga comes back from Pittsburgh. Cory and Topanga try to convince Alan and Amy that they belong together. Topanga’s aunt comes to take her back, but they work something out. Topanga will stay with her aunt until the remainder of her high school years.

    This was a touching episode! Cory’s belief in true love was great! I'm really glad that Topanga can now stay in Philadelphia with Cory and everyone else! It was a funny and happy episode that I really enjoyed! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • This is my all time favorite!!!

    I was about 9 when I saw this for the first time. It was so great. Even to this day I watch it and say "Wow what a great way to declare your love to someone" It would be very sad if Topanga had gone back to Pittsburgh. I would have ran away to her too. The way Cory declared his love was honest and not sugarcoated and just the way anyone should be in his situation. I was happy to see Topanga run to him. That's love as well. I think her parents were falling out of love then and didn't realize how great her and Cory were together. But like any episode of Boy Meets World. It was funny and dramatic which you don't see at the same time in a sitcom. But they did it in a great way. Two Thumbs up to them!!! I hope I find my true love like Cory did.
  • I love this episode. The choices made throughout are why I watch Boy Meets World.

    Topanga and Cory are the reason I watch this show. Never before have I cheered for a TV couple the way I cheered for these two as we all grew up together.

    This episode is one of those that years later, when I'm 30 years old and watching reruns on ABC Family or Disney Channel that still brings me to tears many times over during 30 minutes of TiVo'd television.

    When Feeny lays into Aunt Prudence we get what might be one of the most hilarious lines in the series of the show as well, when Cory says "You like me?" like he's completely surprised.

    Do we ever get to see Aunt Pru again?
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