Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 3

Ain't College Great?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 09, 1998 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked- Shawn in the beginning- I swear on my mother, wherever the hell she is, if I become known as 'pudding boy's best friend', I will kill you, Eric trying to be sensitive instead of the funny guy Rachel knows, the guy speaking gibberish whilst explaining what the class Cory signed up for was about, the ending of the episode.

    Good episode. I liked pretty much everything in it. It had a lot of good humor and it had a good plot. What more could you ask for? A+ episode, definitely
  • Great episode!

    Cory signs up for a lot of hard classes. He is overwhelmed and goes to Mr. Feeny for help. He convinces Mr. Feeny that retirement isn't fun. Shawn, Angela and Topanga help Cory's situation when the guidance counselor won't. Eric and Jack want Rachel. Eric tries to be sensitive like Jack. She takes Eric to the laundry room and teaches him a lesson on how to be yourself. When they come back, Jack is trying to be funny like Eric.

    This was a great episode! I'm glad Mr. Feeny is back. I liked the Eric/Jack storyline! This episode gets a 10!
  • College life isn't exactly how Cory imagined it!

    When college begins, everyone is signing up for easy courses but Cory signs up for the hard classes. When he talks to the teacher, he realizes that he doesn't know what he's doing and talks to his guidance counselor. The counselor suggests that college isn't right for Cory and he visits Mr. Feeny in Wyoming. After they talk, Mr. Feeny goes back with Cory and talks to the guidance counselor, which does nothing. In the end, everything works out for Cory because his friends dropped some of his classes so he could take easy ones. Also, Eric tries to make himself more sensitive so that Rachel will like him, but that doesn't exactly work.

    I loved this episode. I thought it was so sweet how Cory's friends adjusted their schedules so he could take easy classes. The guidance counselor was mean though. I liked how Mr. Feeny stood up for Cory!
  • Getting ready for classes!

    This episode shows how the lives of the main characters are changing as they prepare to enter college. Cory, while trying to excell, enrolls in a series of extremely hard classes, however he soon realizes that his course selection is overbearing and he flys to Wyoming to see Mr. Feeny. He decides retirment is the thing for him and spends the weekend fishing. Meanwhile Eric, attempts to be more sensative in order to win over his new roommate. Eventually he learns he should just be himself and not somebody else. Mr. Feeny returns to help Cory, however it is his friends (Topanga, Shawn, and Angelia) that have already taken care of things ... because Mr. Feeny has taught them so well!
  • College! College! College!

    Shawn: Wow. Cory: What? Shawn: You brought pudding to college! Cory: Hey, I got one for you.
    Shawn: I swear on my mother, wherever the hell she is, if I get known as pudding boy's best friend, I will kill you. Cory: You can't ruin MY mood, Shawn! Alan: Hey, Cor! I think when you ran from the car yelling 'college! college!' I think you forgot something! Cory: My puddin' trunk!
  • This episode was perfect.

    The humor in this episode was perfect. Cory bringing pudding to college was classic BMW. Then when he flew to Wioming on his pudding label airmiles, I couldn't stop laughing. Eric trying to be sensitive was also a highlight in this episode. Plus, this was when Cory started his fear of the co-ed bathrooms! There are so many parts of this episode that are unforgetible.

    Best quote:

    Cory(describing the room): It's so beautiful
    Shawn: No, no, beutiful isn't a strong enough word. A better word is, like, sucks. Give me a spoon. I'm digging a tunnel right now.
    (Cory takes out pudding)
    Shawn: Wow
    Cory: What? What's the matter?
    Shawn: You brought pudding to college!
    Cory: Well, hey, I got one for you

    All in all, I thing this was a great episode.
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