Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 11

An Affair to Forget

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 29, 1996 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Eric says he was born on June 24th, 1978; but in "Stormy Weather" Eric's birthday was February 9th.

  • Quotes

    • Shawn (to Jennifer): No, no, no. This isn't Cory, this is cake! Well, obviously it's not cake...not the kind you're used to anyway. But, I can explain! I can't.

    • Shawn (to Jennifer, while secretly trying to warn Cory): He? I have no idea of any he of whom you speak run.

    • Mr. Feeny: Eric, in the play of your life all your great scenes lie ahead of you.

    • Mr. Feeny (reading from Eric's one-man play): There I was on the dusty, dirty highway. The hot wind howled like a kind of howling, hot, windy thing.

    • Jennifer: Who's the cinnamon bun for?
      Shawn: What, what, what, this one here?
      Jennifer: Yeah, the one with the little blue bow and the C on it.
      Shawn: Right, right, it's got a C on it. It, uh, it stands for..."See, I knew you'd be here."

    • Eric: 300 seats at 30 bucks a pop! Thats like 300 times 30.

    • Shawn: Cory, come on she was just being playful.
      Cory: Playful like a spider when it catches a fly and sucks out its head meat?
      Shawn: She was upset. I mean after all those terrible things you said about her I...
      Cory: Shawn! I said those things to you to make my best friend feel better about being dumped. May I speak freely?
      Shawn: I don't think that's wise.
      Cory: Well, maybe I'm just not wise but I think Jennifer, or should I say Zathrak the undead, is a stuck-up, manipulative, cold-blooded...Oh she's right behind me anticipating my head meat isn't she!?
      Jennifer: Hello Cory.
      Cory: All hail Zathrak!

    • Shawn: Cory Matthews. Son of Alan and Amy. Grandson of Nana and Sam.
      Cory: How could you sell out my Nana?

    • Eric: It's about time you kids got home! It's almost eleven o'clock. I was worried sick. I had Feeny looking for you. I called the police!
      Amy: Really?
      Eric: Nah, I didn't even know you left.

    • Topanga: Look, Shawn, if it's any consolation I think you can do a lot better than Jennifer Basset.
      Shawn: Think so?
      Cory: Wait a minute, Topanga. Have you looked at her?
      Topanga: Okay, so she's pretty, she's tall, she drives a new red convertible, Oh Heck, I'd go out with her.

    • Cory: We gotta meet.
      Shawn: But where?
      Cory: Paris.
      Shawn: That's the first place she'd look.
      Cory: If not Paris, then where?
      Shawn: Someplace no woman would ever look.
      Cory: The Three Stooges!

    • Cory: That cinammon roll was for me, right?

    • Shawn: Cory, is that you?
      Cory: No, it's the audio book section you moron!

    • Eric: I'm 18 years old and at a crossroads in my life. Crossroads - transition. I'm now five again, kindergarten; and I don't know which cubby is mine. Crossroads... naptime!

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