Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 10

And in Case I Don't See Ya

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 04, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eric is studying in the student union when Louie, a frumpy looking student at the next table, begins to complain about not being popular. He asserts that Eric seems to be in the same boat. Eric disagrees, saying he's popular, but when a voice comes over the intercom announcing an "invitation only" party upstairs, Eric is the only one left out.
At the apartment, Jack notices Eric acting weird. He speaks towards the camera and tuns Jack's coffee mug so the brand name faces the same direction. Jack is confused, but he becomes more confused when Rachel refuses to use the sink's garbage disposal.
At the student union, Jack finds a crowd gathered around a television. It's showing a feed of the apartment. Eric is doing a puppet-show, but everyone is watching Rachel, in a towel, in the background.
Meanwhile, Cory and Shawn treat Mr. Feeny to a brunch, in hopes of bribing him for an extension on an upcoming paper. Mr. Feeny tells them that they have a history together, so they didn't have to go through all this. He gives them a two-day extension.
Jack asks Eric about the TV feed. Eric, aware of his audience, dramatically explains that he did it to be popular. Just then, Rachel comes out in a towel. Jack turns on the television and shows her what's being shown at the student union. Mouth agape, Rachel storms off. Jack makes Eric realize that people tune in to see Rachel, not him.
In Feeny's Cory and Shawn get Bs. They thank Mr. Feeny. "You did the work," he tells them. The only problem is, the boys missed the deadline for the next assignment. They ask for an extension, confident in their "history", but Mr. Feeny refuses and gives them both F's.
When the boys return to the Matthewses kitchen, Mr. Feeny is there having coffee with Alan and Amy. "What's he doing here?!" They complain about their situation, Mr. Feeny leaves, and the parents put the boys in their place: They shouldn't have taken advantage of Mr. Feeny's previous generosity.
At the apartment, Rachel comes out to the living room where cal music is being blasted. She turns off the stereo but it keeps turning back on. Eric is in the student union controlling everything (a la The Truman Show). When Jack comes out, Eric makes it thunder. Jack isn't worried, because it's just a sound effect. But then Eric makes it rain on him. Rachel goes to leave but there's a brick wall blocking her exit.
Jack tells her the only way out is through the window over the sink, but Eric turns the garbage disposal on causing Rachel to scream.
When Rachel was little, she put her toy rabbit down the garbage disposal to eat carrots. When she turned the "light" on, the stuffed animal met its fate.
Realizing he's hurt the only people who really matter to him, Eric gets on the intercom and encourages Rachel to conquer her fear. With help from Jack, Rachel makes it out. Eric shuts off the television and turns to the audience. "You have just witnessed the triumph of the human spirit." Just then, Rachel storms in to deliver a beating.
Cory and Shawn treat Mr. Feeny to an apology brunch. They hand in the papers they missed, but Feeny still gives them Fs, so they take away his food.