Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 17

And Then There Was Shawn

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 27, 1998 on ABC

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  • One of the best Halloween specials

    Boy Meets World takes a break from several weeks worth of angst over the romance between Cory and Topanga with this wild-and-wooly takeoff of the popular horror movie Scream. While Cory and his friends are serving weekend detention, a shrouded killer begins picking the students off one by one. Everyone panics but Shawn, who has seen enough scary movies to figure out what will happen next. That is at least until Mr. Feeny turns up murdered as well! It's giving nothing away to reveal that the whole experience is literally a nightmare. Also keep an eye out for Jennifer Love Hewitt, more or less playing herself. Overall, fantastic Halloween episode and definitely one of the best episodes this series has to offer.
  • 517

    Boy Meets World was the best show on network television from 1993-2000, and this episode was a perfect example of how great this show can be.

    This show is definitely an underrated show that everyone should have been watching back in the 90s, I feel bad for whoever doesn't watch this show. In homage to almost every slasher film created, Boy Meets World makes one of their best episodes of their series long run.

    When you begin watching this episode, you probably wont think that this episode would be a big deal, but they managed to make the episode connect with the ongoing story arc which was Cory & Topanga's breakup. Sure it was cheesy, but it was entertaining and for the most part one of the funniest episodes of Boy Meets World.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars and she did a really good job with things referring to herself. It was absolutely perfect to have her in this episode since right before this episode aired, she was in the slasher film: "I Know What You Did Last Summer" So it was perfect publicity for her and the film. Don't miss this installment of Boy Meets World, it will make you laugh nonstop, and actually manages to contribute to the plot.
  • Don't Make This One of The Firsts You Ever See Like I Did!

    This was one of the first later episodes I remembered watching, and I liked it... but I had no idea what was going on. I thought "A Killer? In this kind of show?" and I didn't get any of it. But now whenever I watch this episode I love it, it has a good twist {Shawn being the "killer"} and it has some really funny gags {the song, "Oh my God they killed Kenny!"}. Basically, good episode, but do not make this one of the firsts you see. I regret that. Overall, this episode gets an A+ in my book
  • A Halloween speciall that goes into my heart as one of the best.

    As the gang gets trapped into the school by Mr. feeny, a mysterious killer comes and starts killing everyone in the path. What is the meaning over this?

    Everything seems all the best for a Halloween special. A little swear word is okay as well.
    And, really, I like the South Park refrencs (Kenny dies first, and "howdy, ho!")

    And, I was really surprised that there was a female star coming down to help.
    Also, I thought all these killings are pretty funny!

    Oh, and everyone shall agree with me that Shawn's refrences are funny. So is the suprise that HE'sS the killer.

    Overall, perfact show, will I say.
  • School turns into a horror film

    Best episode yet. I found it hilarious! This episode was funny and full of drama the 2 best qualities in a show.
    This episode was heart filled and romantic, and shows how shawn really depended on cory and topanga being together. This episode actually made me sad.I wanted Them to never break up and they did. Yes they get back together but i didnt want themto not be together in the first place. Cory And Topanga are the perfect couple. And i wish i had a relationship like them i've always loved them not indivisually but together they form 1.
    There is no better episode in the series!!
  • A murderer comes to detention.

    This episode is one of the best in the series which is weird because it is very out of character from the rest of the show. When I first saw this episode as a kid I was so scared and even now it is a little scary. Shawn's actions in the episode really make you think about who he is and what direction his life is going in. In addition the way people die in this episode is hilarious starting with the oversized pencil going through Kenny's head in the beginning and ending with Shawn's revealing that he is in fact the killer. Jennifer Love Hewitt's guest spot in this movie is also well played and this episode is a good example of a spoof. All in all a classic episode with a perfect twist in the ending.
  • Do you like scary movies?

    After Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Angela and Kenny land in detention, things start getting creepy. Blood appears on the chalkboard, Kenny is killed along with Mr. Feeny and a strange janitor. Eric and Jack also show up. They all have to figure out who the killer is before they all die. Shawn ends up being the killer and it signifies that Shawn is guilty for Cory and Topanga's breakup. It's all a dream by Shawn, but it is portraying a life lesson.

    This was a great episode! It was really funny and I actually was frightened at one part. They had a lot of little allusions and spoofs which were great! This episode gets a 10!
  • My Favorite Episode!

    This episode was so funny!! I was cracking up during the whole thing!! This was by far the best episode ever made!! I can't wait till they show this one again! It was just so random and crazy!! I love the creepy janitor thing..haha..that was great. It was a really episode overall.
  • The Best Episode Yet!

    And Then There Was Shawn is the best episode of Boy Meets World I've seen. It really kept me in suspense and it was very exciting and really funny. This episode is about a fun and frenzied spoof of the movie Scream finds a shrouded killer terrorizing the teens. The mystery begins when the gang is locked inside the school during detention. Before too long they receive an ominous message written in blood, and a classmate is fatally punctured with a pencil. They have to try to find out who is behind the killings and get out alive. I highly recommend this episode to watch.
  • Interesting and funny. Good episode.

    I was watching this episode for the first time in years when it was on ABC Family today. I forgot how much I loved this episode. I watched it for the first time when I was around eight with my cousin who was probably nine and my brother who was probably ten. It scared the living day out of me. I thought it was interesting how it was Shawn because he wanted to get Cory and Topanga back together, but somehow he couldn't. It made me a little sad as well. Because, well, we all know that Cory and Topanga are meant to be together. My favorite part it when Eric and Jack are talking.
    Eric: I'm the oldest.
    Jack: Actually, I'm the oldest.
    Eric: Yeah, but I've lived the longest.
  • This is a very funny episode.

    The episode "And Then There Was Shawn" was a hilarious episode. It is a Halloween special and I laughed so hard. Eric is the funniest in the episode. It actually made me jump sometimes even though it was suppose to be funny. Cory was also a funny person but Eric was the funniest. The things he does and how he acts just cracks me up like he always does. It's a great episode and I wish Boy meets World is still going but no show can go on forever.
  • hahahahahahaha

    This episode was one of the best episodes i've ever seen in boy meets world. I've watched this episode like a hundred times and i'm still excited to watch it. this episode is hard to get tired of. This episode was based on the movie scream. I loved that song"welcome to john adams high where you are gonna, that's right fall right this way!" I also love the south park of when they killed kenny. I love the ending with the sir mister sir. Although there are many things i love about this show, there was one thing i didn't like. I didn't like how all the poeple died. the books falling on jennifer and eric, jack and angela falling off the window. Other than that, this episode was the best episode ever in Boy meets world. This episode would've been better if shawn could make them get back together.
  • Oh my God,they killed Kenny!you bastard!hahahaha.

    ok a spoof of scream.i can handle that.south park refrence.ok i can handle that.but it was very funny.knowing boy meets world,i can icspect great episodes like this!shawn has the wackyest dreams!jenifer love was in the episode..............or better known as sabrina the tenage witch.i fell sorry that shaw could not help cory and topanga get back together....
  • This episode is about an arguement erupting between Cory and Topanga,who have just broke up. Which resulted in Feeny giving everyone detention. Then someone starts killing everyone off.

    I absolutely loooovoe this episode because it was too funy how they try to imitate the horor movie "Scream". I like the part when they meet Jeniffer Love Fefferman and the phone rings and she screams. And then Angela looks at her and screams back and snaps her fingers and says "Yes girl, I am the screamer around here." That was sooo funny. So Shawn tells us that only virgins are safe. Eric and Jack both says they're dead because they are no longer virgins. They all go to the library, thinking that will be the safest place to go. Then Jennifer Love Fefferman and Eric die. Then Jack has a meltdown and Angela helps him and they both get pushed out the window. Then the gang corners the killer and Shawn takes off his mask and..... it's Shawn. Then he wakes up and apologize for getting everybody sent to detention. But he says he feels guilty for Corey and Topanga breaking up. He says this is the one time he can't get them back together.
  • I was the funniest episode ever! It is a series classic and it is my favorite episode!

    This show was funny and a little scary if you never saw it before. It is just hilarous and so much fun to watch. I was the funniest episode ever! It is a series classic and it is my favorite episode! It is a mix between scream and the book and then there were none. Everybody starts to die and the rest can't figure out who did it. Usally after a death their would be a funny remark to make it soo funny. This is probably one of the few episodes of Boy Meets World that i can never get tired of. It is just soo funny!
  • Possibly the greatest episode EVERR!

    In this episode the gang gets locked inside their high school and strange occurences begin to happen. Jennifer Love Hewwit guest stars in this episode as Jennifer Love Fefferman. This episode is perfect--Feeny dies from being stabbed with scissors, Eric and Jack reveal they are virgins, South Park quotes are made, and Shawn makes hilarious references to horror flicks throughout. Ex. Eric and Jack come back from the locker room and said something was really creepy and that blood coming out of the showers Shawn says \\\"this is just like that old horror flick ...\\\'Blood Coming out of the Showers\\\'\\\". In the end everything makes scence and it turns out that it was Shawn having a nightmare and that the reason everything bad was happening to them was the fact that Cory and Toppanga were not together anymore as they should be. This is one of the funniest [and in the end,touching] episodes of the series.
  • One of greatest episodes out there!

    This episode always was one of my favorites. It\\\'s funny-- hilariously funny (if that term would even work) with everybody contributing to its \\\'hilarity factor\\\'. Shawn dreams up the whole thing! Kenny dies, which is always funny to watch, because you can tell that he\\\'s getting annoyed at everybody telling him that he is obviously the one to get the axe--er, pencil. Cory and Topanga learn something--in a way, as--again--Shawn dreams up the whole thing. We learn a lot about Shawn in this episode, and he learns a lot about himself as well. You can see just how much it\\\'s hurting him that these two people that he loves so much broke up. It\\\'s very good and should fall under the label of \\\'perfect life lesson.\\\'

  • Probably the funniest episode. The whole gang gets detention in this spoof of "Scream". People get murdered, creepy janitors walk past with bodies, and a masked maniac runs free. To put it in simpler words. Best episode ever!

    This would definitly have to be my favorite episode of all times! I have about three favorites from the earlier seasons ("Danger Boy","Grass is Greener,"Breaking up is really really hard to do") then tons of favorites at the end. But out of all this is my favorite. If you love spoofs than you'll definitly love this one. It spoofs "Scream" and even guest stars Jennifer Love Hewitt (who was actually dating Will Fredil at the time). Most people agree that this is their favorite episode. It's very hard to describe...just watch it you'll love this episode!

    But don't worry it's not a brainless episode just to have fun, it also has a point to it.
  • HAHAHAH my absolute favorite episode!!

    wow this is my favorite episode, and its one of the funniest things you'll EVER see. personally, i caan watch it over and over (and do) an its STILL funny every time. its just AWESOME. i mean, if you're going to watch boy meets world, this is a MUST SEE episode.
  • Do i have to put the summary?

    This show rocks, the people rock, this episode friggen ROCKS! I love it love it love it love it love it love it love it(this is only to fill the 100 words)love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it live it love it love it love it love it love it
  • Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Angela, and a classmate, Kenny getlocked in Feeny's detention. A message written in blood appears on the chalkboard.

    Definitly one of the best episodes of Boy Meets World! The acting is hilarious. I love Angela's screaming and
    Eric's phone calls with the killer. Shawn has a movie for everthing that happens to them. Topanga is mad about being locked in the school and Cory says "Upset enough to kill" in the funniest voice. A Creepy song comes over the speaker singing about how they would die that night. Every joke makes me laugh even after seeing this episode at least ten times. The references to the horror movies make this episode even better. One of my favorite shows.
  • A Boy Meets World horror movie spoof!

    This is my all-time favorite episode of Boy Meets World. The acting was superb. It's difficult to act scared and be funny at the same time, and they excelled.

    This was the funniest episode of Boy Meets World. Even if you haven't seen any horror movies in the last 40 years, it's still hilarious. Some cultural references may not be understood, but there are so many jokes in the episode that you won't even notice!

    However, there was one downside. The sappiness of Shawn's dream when he pulled the mask off and it was him. After that, he joined Cory and Topanga's hands. That was a bit to melodramatic.

    Overall, a funny episode!
  • My favorite episode.

    This show is my absolute favorite. It is a spoof of the movie Scream and even has Jennifer Love Hewitt. It starts when this guy Kenny asks Topanga for a pencil and Shawn takes it offensively. Shawn ends up getting Mr. Feeny mad and makes everyone get detention. During detention they see a creepy janitor go by in the hallway. Mr. Feeny later leaves them alone but locks the door so the gang is stuck inside untill the janitor opens the door for them. Shawn knows everything that's going to happen next. Eric and Jack show up and everyone is trying to escape from the school. They make Eric the body gaurd and that's how he meets Jennifer Love Feferman. They all eventually end up in the library where the killer starts to kill everyone. The killer ends up being Shawn, that is untill he wakes up from his dream.
  • Funny yet suspenceful! A have to see episode!

    This has to be the best episode ever! I swear I was laughing my head off through the whole episode! This is a great example as funny but suspenful. The creepy janitor was a nice touch with the evil eye. Overall, a must see episode for all BMW fnas out there.
  • My favorite episode!

    VERY funny, ok. Though technically not a Halloween episode, it was scary enough to be considered as such and even appeared in a Halloween marathon on Disney after the series actual Halloween episodes. It was a classic spoof of the teen horror/slasher film genre, complete with Jennifer Love Hewitt, who can now be seen on Ghost Whisperer and the ABC Family original movie If Only.
  • Super scary, funny, and sad!

    I love this eposide, its my favorite. The horror plot is so perfect it made me want to scream. I was scared out of my mind but It wa also funny. It had funny quotes.Plus Eric was awesome with his dun,dun,dun! It was so funny when they told Kenny he would go first because there the main charcters. It was also sad because its purpose was to show how bad things could be with T&C broken up. A series classic, the only show thats ever made me laugh,scream, and cry at the same time. Perfect, i give it 2 thumbs up!!!!
  • Cory,Shawn,Topanga,Angela and their classmate Kenny are one by 1 being killed by a mysetrious killer.

    This is what I call one of this series best episodes. Mainly because of Eric's stupid scenes, Jack's suicide attempt, Kenny's death, The killer being Shawn, Cory and Shawn suspecting Topanga and basicly everyone and everything else that happened. Watch it you!!! Watch it now! Yeah! What are you waiting for?
  • A great episode

    I thought this episode was one of the greatest Boy Meets World episodes. The gang gets locked in a classroom in a Scream like situation but it's not scarry, it's silly if anything. I loved the song that played over the intercom:
    "Here's a knife! Here's a gun! There'll be fun for everyone! Death is on the menu tonight!
    My favorite quote is from this episode as well: Eric: Fine, I'll do it. I'm the oldest.
    Jack: Actually, I'm the oldest.
    Eric: Yeah, but I've lived the longest.
    Jack: Ok, fine.
    The first time you watch the episode you won't be able to figure out who the killer is. It's just that good.

  • Shawn, Cory, Angela, Topanga and their classmate Kenny get stuck in detention. Little do they know that there\'s a killer roaming the halls...

    Boy, I\'ll tell you something, when I first watched this episode, I was covering my eyes because it just seemed so scary.

    Now, after watching it multiple times, the scariness is gone but humour rages on in full force.

    Eric had to be at his all time best in this episode, even if the quotes came from other movies. When he pulled the phone cable out though, oh man, I thought I was going to die laughing. And the whole dialogue he had with the killer over the phone was funnier still.

    It was nice to see Shawn seemingly be the bright one in this episode. And if you watch this episode for the first time, you\'ll never guess who the killer is.
  • So hilarious and full of suspense!

    I love this episode! It had a…horror-comedy genre to it, which I love. It’s funny, but at some points had me scared with suspense. The end had me shocked, but it was a great way to show how Shawn was feeling about what was happening between Cory and Topanga at the time.
    Even when my mom came in my room to see what I was watching, she thought I was watching a horror movie!! It would’ve been so cool if that had actually happened and it wasn’t just a dream he was having during detention.
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