Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 17

And Then There Was Shawn

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 27, 1998 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Richard Lee Jackson (Kenny), is the brother of Jonathon Jackson, who plays Ricky three episodes later in, Starry Night.

    • In this episode, Shawn admits that he is "technically" a virgin, while Eric and Jack reveal that they're not.

    • Jack says that he's the oldest, but in Boy Meets Real World, Eric says that he's eight months older.

    • At the beginning of this episode, Topanga's pencil changes sizes between shots.

  • Quotes

    • Cory: I didn't think Seniors still got detention.
      Mr. Feeny: They do when they act like two year olds.
      Cory : (Mockingly) They do when they act like two year olds.
      Mr. Feeny: Mr. Matthews when one mocks someone one should wait until they're not looking right at them!
      Cory: I'm not in my regular seat.

    • Eric: Hey, hey, hey! Now you're overreacting. There's only two people that are horribly dead. That's an acceptable loss.

    • Shawn: Let's calmly recap.
      Eric: Kenny's Dead! Feeny's Dead! We're trapped inside with the killer!

    • Topanga: I didn't stab him, he stabbed me!
      Cory: Oh I'd stab myself before I'd stab you. Kenny give me that pencil!
      Kenny: I don't have one!

    • Mr. Feeny (to the class): We'll return to The Young and the Restless, right after this word from Feeny. And here is the word: Shut up!

    • Shawn: No, this isn't the Janitor. This is the work of a diabolical master-villain.
      Cory: Feeny?
      Shawn: Absolutely, Feeny.

    • Angela: This doesn't make any sense.
      Shawn: It does if you've seen as many horror films as I have. This is classic. The locked door, the scary janitor, the bloody warning, and our soon to be first victim.
      (Shawn Gestures to Kenny)
      Kenny: Me?! Why me?
      Cory: Well Kenny, it's certainly not going to be any of us.

    • Shawn: It's fake. It's all fake. Feeny's pulling some elaborate hoax.
      Kenny: Why?
      Cory: Well, why does Feeny do anything? To teach us something.
      Topanga: What's he trying to teach us?
      Cory: To pay attention, or we die.

    • Angela: He was just asking for a pencil.
      Shawn: I know what he was asking for; and if he asks again, I'll stab that big pencil through his heart. Ya hear me, Kenny?!

    • Eric (as they walk through the library): When did this school get a library?
      Jack: Every day's a new adventure. Isn't it?

    • Feeny: THAT'S ENOUGH! Now, this class will not be more interested in the romantic goings-on of its students, than it is with whatever the hell I'm teaching!

    • Angela: Well, is anyone of us safe?
      Shawn: Yeah, Virgins! Virgins never die!
      Cory (to Topanga): All right! Thanks for saving me.
      Eric (proud of himself): I'm dead.
      Jack: I'm dead.
      Shawn: I'll get as sick as you can get without actually dying.
      Angela: What about Feeny? He's dead.
      Eric, and Shawn (sing-songy): Go, Feeny! Go, Feeny! Go Feeny!

    • Eric: Fine, I'll do it. I'm the oldest.
      Jack: Actually, I'm the oldest.
      Eric: Yeah, but I've lived the longest.

    • Eric: Oh my God, they killed Feeny!

    • Shawn: Cory and Topanga aren't together anymore.
      Mr. Feeny: Yes, I know. I too read Teen Beat, Mr. Hunter.

  • Notes

    • When the gang return to the classroom after seeing that Mr. Feeny is dead, the spot just to the right of the chalkboard, where Kenny died, has no trace of him. Both the pencil mark on the wall and Kenny himself (and the pencil) are gone.

  • Allusions

    • Cory: He can't do that! It's against the Geneva Detention Convention!

      The Geneva Convention refers to 4 treaties that deal with international law and humanitarian conditions.

    • Feeny: Oooh Ramifications, nice word Jughead.

      Jughead is a character from the Archie Comics series.

    • Title: And Then There Was Shawn

      This may be a reference to the title of Agatha Christie's murder/mystery And Then There Were None.

    • Scary voice: Do you like scary movies? What's your favorite?
      : Oh, OK. I like that one with the hottie-hot-hot from Party of Five.
      : Neve Campbell?
      : Duh.

      This scene mimics the opening scene from Scream, starring Neve Campbell.

      It's also a nod to Jennifer Love Hewitt (Feffy) - another member of the Party of Five cast - who starred in a scary movie of her own, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

      Party of Five was a drama about 5 siblings, left on their own after the sudden death of their parents.

    • Feeny: We'll return to The Young and the Restless right after this word from Feeny.

      The Young And The Restless is a popular CBS soap opera.

    • Eric: Howdy-ho!

      Another reference to South Park. This line is always said by the character, Mr. Hankey.

    • Eric: Oh my God, they killed Kenny!

      A reference to the show South Park, where, in almost every episode, the character Kenny gets killed.