Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 21

Angela's Ashes

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 28, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

Angela's father, Sergeant Moore, is in town and he tells Angela that the army has relocated him to Europe for a year and he wants her to come with him. She tells him that she'll consider it, but she has a lot of things to think about before giving him an answer. Cory tells Shawn that the best advice he can give him is to let Angela go through her decision process alone, in which she will most likely decide to stay here with him. Shawn talks to Angela the next day and she tells him that she could never leave him, unless he let her. Shawn understands how much spending time with her father means to her, so he allows her to go.

When Shawn tells Cory that he told Angela to go because he knew she really wanted to, Cory tells Shawn he made a big mistake. He says that Angela is testing him, and she wants him to fight to keep her there. Shawn realizes that if he truly wants to keep Angela from going to Europe, he must put up a fight. He goes down to Angela's dorm but Sgt. Moore is the only one there. Shawn tells Sgt. Moore how much he loves Angela, and that he can't let her go to Europe. Sgt. Moore understands how he is feeling, but he explains to Shawn that this may be the last time he'll get to spend time with his daughter, and he isn't going to let anything stand in the way of that. Shawn says that he may ask Angela to marry him, and that would keep her from going. Sgt. Moore tells Shawn that if she accepts then he will step aside. When Angela enters the room Shawn is just about to propose until Angela thanks Shawn for understanding how important being with her father is. The next day, the whole crew gathers in the Pennbrook lounge for an emotional goodbye to Angela.

In the meantime, Jack tries to get his rich stepfather to fund a website business, but instead of giving him money, his stepfather cuts him off. Topanga has several interviews for an internship at the prestigious Brown-Elliot law firm in New York City. Topanga is selected from hundreds of applicants to take part in the internship, and is offered a job at the firm after she graduates and passes the bar exam. In order to do those things, Topanga must relocate to New York, and Cory is uneasy about the move.
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