Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 21

Angela's Ashes

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 28, 2000 on ABC

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  • great acting by Rider

    I really felt bad for Shawn because everyone he loved and cared about left him you can feel his pain. Is probably the reason why he left after the Finale, and didn't stick around after Riley was, born She'll be back on Girl meets Hurricane I can't wait for that.
  • It was very very sad. Poor shawn has to lose another person he loves. Why couldn't they just get married like they were supposed to? That's the way it should've been. They never technically broke up they said they'd write and they were still together.

    This episode was sooooooooooooo good. 5 stars. I really wanted Shawn to be with Angela. They were so cute together. Thet actually had a believeable relationship compared to Cory and Topanga. I think their should be a movie where they actually do end up together and they meet up in New York,but I'm just wishful thinking. When hhe said good-bye Angela at the end he knew and I knew it was over. But it was soo sad. Angela was the perfect girl for Shawn,but Shawn never has happy endings and I guess they weren't supposed to be together. Oh well. Any great episode.
  • 721

    A sad episode of Boy Meets World and it was great setup for the season finale. I really don't understand why the writers would end it like this though. Angela leaving before the finale? If anyone should have been leaving, it deserved to be someone like Rachel who really wasn't a true part of the series by not getting really attached to any of the main cast members.

    But Angela & Shawn's relationship was pretty great, and they went through a lot of hardships. It's sad to know that after all they went through, they end their relationship by Angela going to Europe with her father. True, they didn't really end their relationship, but Shawn made it clear when he said goodbye that he had lost Angela.

    Angela not being in the finale was another thing, but as for the episode in quality, this episode was great. It was so sad when Shawn finally let Angela go and say goodbye, and as for the cliffhanger, it was great. Topanga gets an internship in New York, so now her & Cory have to move, great setup for the series finale.

    Great episode, but a weird decision from the writers if you ask me.
  • :(

    Angela needs to decide if she wants to go to Europe with her father. For a year. So she needs to decide this, or if she wants to be with Shawn.

    This was a pretty sad episode with almost no comedic moments. Now, this is a sitcom, so most would expect to laugh, but with this show you usually get a lot of drama in the later seasons. And this was no exception. Did it have humor? Actually, I do not remember much. Did it have drama and a good story? Of course it did. One of the last episodes and one of their overall best.
  • sad

    I Think That THE final Episode [angela's ashes] should not have ended like that i'm sorry that i even watch it in the first place i did not wanted her to leave shawn nor anyone should leave their home. everyday i think about that last episode i cry i dnt know y but i cry, i just which that they will all come back together and just make a movie and let it finish real good i miss the show so much and others also miss it too. cory,topanga,shawn, angela, jack, rachel,and eric i love them so much they are my idol and i promise my self that when i get older i will like to meet them all. boy meets world bmw jam rock
  • The third last "Boy Meets World" episode ever and one of, if not the saddest for sure. Angela is going to leave with her father to stay in Europe for a year, and Shawn will do almost anything he can to make her stay with him.

    There are only a few episodes where you can see Rider Strong's great acting skills, and this episode is one of them. He did an amazing job acting in this episode. It was hard to watch Shawn letting Angela go, but it just shows how much Shawn really cared, loved, and wanted what was best for her, and for her to be the happiest that she can be, even if it means letting her go. The scene in Angela's dorm room with Shawn talking to her father has to be on of the best scenes in the entire "Boy Meets World" series.

    10/10. Amazing episode!
  • Oh Angela! How could you to that to Shawn?

    College is almost over for Eric, Rachel, and Jack. Cory and Topanga are married, and Topanga is taking an internship. Shawn and Angela are madly in love. One day, Angela's father shows up and tells her that he got staitioned somewhere else. Angela gets excited and asks if it was near Penbrook. He tells her that he is leaving for Europe for a year, and he wants Angela to go with him. Angela is torn between going with her father, or staying with Shawn. She says she won't go unless Shawn wants her to. She asks Shawn, and he tells her to go. Angela tells him that it's for a year, and Shawn tells her to go, but now he is depressed. Cory tells Shawn to tell Angela to stay. Shawn says that Angela never gets time with her father, and it's true. Cory convinces him to hold on to her, and not to let her go. So Shawn goes to Angela's dorm, where she and her father are packing her stuff. Angela isn't there at the moment, but her father is. Shawn asks her father to make Angela stay, and her father refuses. Shawn tells him that he's going to ask Angela to marry him. Angela's father says that he won't stand in the way if they get married. Angela returns, and Shawn is about to propose, but Angela hugs him and thanks him for letting her go with her father. Shawn sees how happy Angela is, and can't bear to ask her to stay. Later, everyone is in the lobby waiting to say good-bye to Angela. Eric hugs her, and tells her that she was always his favorite out of himself, Angela, Cory, Jack, Shawn, Rachel, and Topanga. She asks if this is true, and he says he doesn't know. Angela's good-bye to Shawn is the hardest. They agree not to say good-bye, because that would mean Angela wouldn't come back. They promise to write every day, and Angela leaves. Then Topanga reveals to Cory that she got the internship, and they'll have to move to New York.
  • Poor Shawn!!!

    Angela's dad wants to take her on a 1-year trip to Europe because he's gonna be stationed there for the next year. Cory convinces Shawn he has to go after the one he loves and let Angela say she doesn't want to go. But when Angela decides that she wants this time with her dad, Shawn goes to talk to him. When their talking Angela comes in and has made up her mind that she wants to go. Angela leaves after everyone says goodbye to her. Meanwhile, Topanga goes out for an internship and jack is cut off from his father.

    I feel so bad for Shawn in this episode because everyone he loves leaves him and now Cory and Topanga are going away too. partly I'm glad that Angela gets this time with her father but Shawn has to lose another person he loves (even though they didn't break up). This was a great episode!
  • Angela has to leave...

    Angela's father comes back with news that his new base is in Europe. He invites Angela to come along for a year. Shawn wants her to be happy, but he really wants her to stay. Cory gives Shawn advice that doesn't quite work. Angela loves Shawn, but she wants to spend time with her dad. Shawn understands and lets her go. Jack becomes poor when his step-father cuts him off. Topanga gets accepted for an internship and must move to New York. Everyone is going to miss Angela.

    This was a sad episode! I couldn't believe Angela left. I feel so bad for her and Shawn. I wished that she would stay. This was a wonderful, yet sad episode that gets a 10!
  • This was a very dramatic episode, probably a series best.

    This episode was filled with heartbreak, laughter, and change. Angela's father returns with news that he has been transferred to Europe, and wants angela to come with him. She is thrilled until she finds out it is for a year. When shawn here's the news he is devastated, and immediatly runs to cory's side. Cory tells shawn to support angela's decision to stay, but when angela said she wants o leave shawn supports her. in a last ditch effort shawn tries to get her back, but he can't bring himself to take her away from her father. They agree not to say goodbye, just to say i love you. Then in one of the best scenes throughout the whole series in the the end shawn says goodbye to angela. Rider Strong really gave a great performance, and proved his acting ability. i thought he was a great actor throughout the series, and deserved his share of the storyline. His character really made a huge change and that boy met the world.
  • I remember when i watched this episode Eric was hugging Angela and was singing a song (in the lounge), does anyone know the song? it would be great is someone could remind me. Thanks in advance, i guess. P.S. i know i shouldnt have posted a questio

    I would say this episode was a good one. Some parts were sad, like how Shawn wanted Angela to stay, but she comes in really happy n stuff. well i guess this show was good. umm i dont think i have much left to say. But some parts on this episode were funny, like when Eric was hugging Angela singing a song(id like to know the name of it)... lol. And some other parts, but i cant think of them right now. And yea, over all i think this episode was pretty good couldnt remember much from it cuz it was awhile back i saw it. I dont think they show these episodes (when their adults) on the abc family show.
  • Sad

    This episode was a tear jerker for me. Shawn has had horrible things happen to him his whole life and he just can't seem to catch a break. In this episode Angela leaves to spend time with her father for a year in europe. I don't really understand why the actress left if there were only two episodes left to go in the show. I just felt so bad for shawn because he deserves to be happy. Bad things happen to good people. If Shawn didn't have good friends like Cory and Topanga he would have never made. This was a very sad episode.
  • Angela goes to europe with her dad, and shawn doesnt want her to leave, but she goes anyway thinking shawn is just fine with it.

    I loved it, it was just so feel good. But iI dont get one part, since two episodes after this one the show is over whatever do you think happened to angela? I would really love if they would have made the last episode where shawn and angela marry, but instead they just leave a mystery of what happened
  • Great epidode that helped come in for the series finales.

    When Angela has the chance to go to Europe with her dad and have some quality time , i didn't know if she would even go or not. But Shawn was so quiete and i'm gflad that she didn't go. And cory's big decision was crucial. This was anther great instalment