Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 21

Angela's Ashes

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 28, 2000 on ABC

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  • It was very very sad. Poor shawn has to lose another person he loves. Why couldn't they just get married like they were supposed to? That's the way it should've been. They never technically broke up they said they'd write and they were still together.

    This episode was sooooooooooooo good. 5 stars. I really wanted Shawn to be with Angela. They were so cute together. Thet actually had a believeable relationship compared to Cory and Topanga. I think their should be a movie where they actually do end up together and they meet up in New York,but I'm just wishful thinking. When hhe said good-bye Angela at the end he knew and I knew it was over. But it was soo sad. Angela was the perfect girl for Shawn,but Shawn never has happy endings and I guess they weren't supposed to be together. Oh well. Any great episode.