Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 21

Angela's Ashes

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 28, 2000 on ABC

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    A sad episode of Boy Meets World and it was great setup for the season finale. I really don't understand why the writers would end it like this though. Angela leaving before the finale? If anyone should have been leaving, it deserved to be someone like Rachel who really wasn't a true part of the series by not getting really attached to any of the main cast members.

    But Angela & Shawn's relationship was pretty great, and they went through a lot of hardships. It's sad to know that after all they went through, they end their relationship by Angela going to Europe with her father. True, they didn't really end their relationship, but Shawn made it clear when he said goodbye that he had lost Angela.

    Angela not being in the finale was another thing, but as for the episode in quality, this episode was great. It was so sad when Shawn finally let Angela go and say goodbye, and as for the cliffhanger, it was great. Topanga gets an internship in New York, so now her & Cory have to move, great setup for the series finale.

    Great episode, but a weird decision from the writers if you ask me.