Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 3

Angela's Men

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

Despite several attempts and Shawn's persistency to get back together with Angela, she continues to turn him down. Angela will not tell Shawn the reason she doesn't want to see him anymore, which only leaves Shawn searching for another way back to her heart.

Angela's father, Sergeant Moore, unexpectedly shows up at her apartment to visit her. He quickly becomes familiar with the situation she is going though with Shawn, who decides to complete Army basic training to impress Angela. While training one day with Sgt. Moore, Shawn tells him that his father died and his mother ran out on him twice. With this new information, Sgt. Moore attempts to reunite Shawn with his daughter. When Angela's father tells Shawn that her mother left her too, he is dumbfounded that she never told him. Shawn tells her that he understands what it's like and she can always talk to him about it. Angela admits that the reason she didn't want to maintain her relationship with Shawn was because she didn't want to hurt him by doing the same thing her mother did. With the help of her father, Shawn convinces Angela that she is not her mother, and the difference between Angela and her mother is that she is in love. The two reconcile their problems and finally resume their relationship.

Ever since the news that her parents are getting a divorce, Topanga has distanced herself from Cory, who can't figure out a way to console her and persuade her that their marriage will be different. Meanwhile, Eric tries to find a way to seek revenge on Topanga for beating him up.
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