Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 3

Angela's Men

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 1999 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Angela admitting she loves Shawn, Cory knocking on the door at the end of the episode, pretty much everything Eric said and/or did (Seriously, his methods of trying to get back to Topanga, "Dude you better pay me back!", "England doesn't have a Navy you liar!" he was absolutely hilarious in this episode), Feeny telling Sergeant Moore that Angela should stay away from Eric, amongst other things.

    Great episode. Probably one of the funniest of the series. I laughed so much, especially at Eric. I don't think there was one scene with Eric where I wasn't laughing hard. And it had a great ending, with Shawn and angela getting back together. A+, no doubt in my mind
  • Great episode for character development for Angela. We finally get to know more about her background, even if there are some inconsistencies with earlier episodes.

    Despite being a major character for the past several seasons, we know little about Angela as an individual. There was never any mention of her parents or her past. She just suddenly showed up at the high school in one episode, and became a major part of the gang.

    The emotional development in this episode is beautifully done, and simply amazing. However, it is a little inconsistent with past episodes. Here Angela refuses to tell Shawn she loves him for fear of hurting him, whereas in the past they were both equally fearful. I believe she has even told him she loved him in previous episodes, or at the very least she said it about him to others. In spite of these possible problems, her fears were presented realistically.

    Shawn's progression throughout the series has also been interesting. Even though he was the one to break up with Angela in the first place, he persists in his efforts to show how much he cares. I especially liked his interactions with Angela's father.

    And the Eric subplot was hilarious. Although the whole wrestling match in the previous episode was over-the-top and silly, the aftermath was handled nicely to make for a very interesting subplot. We get Eric stalking Topanga to attempt to get revenge on her for beating him up, culminating in a hilarious final scene that even the actors found too funny.
  • 703

    The fact that this isn't one of the best episodes on Boy Meets World on astonishes me. In my eyes, this definitely was one of the best episode of Boy Meets World ever which just proves that this show was still completely capable of producing an amazing episode in their last season, which is just amazing, since a lot of shows have trouble pulling that off.

    Shawn & Angela... Angela & Shawn, on and off since season 5 and I must say this was the perfect conclusion for them and for what I hope for is their final debacle that is now resolved. Angela's father just was great in this and played an important role here. At least we know Angela didn't break up with Shawn because of Topanga, at least we got some legitamite reason. A really great ending that even had the fans cheering in the background. A well executed emotional episode, that had the perfect balance of humor and drama. The humor was definitely hilarious, Eric seeking for Topanga to attack. It was amazingly hysterical, I laughed all the way through, and I must say it's one of Eric's finest moments.

    One of the most memorable episodes of Boy Meets World even if you don't like the Shawn & Angela pairing, you'll remember it, guaranteed.
  • I love this episode!

    This is one of the sadder episodes in the whole series. We finally get to see Angela's father and she is very sad about what has happened in the past and what could happen in the future with Shawn. I love these kinds of episodes that have a lot of things going on and begins to have doubts about their future.

    This episode may be a little sad, but I think it is one of the greatest episodes I have really seen in any series on TV. Boy Meets World does have a lot of episodes, but this really is one great episode.
  • Shawn wants badly to get back together with Angela but she won't. When her father comes to town, shawn goes through military training to try to impress her but it doesn't work. Angelas father tells her he should be with Shawn. Eric has it in for Topanga.

    This was a great episode. Eric trying attack Topanga was so hilarious!! Especially when he was in the dress! It was also very sweet to see Shawn and Angela got back together. Overall it was one of the better episodes but it was probably the funniest Eric has ever been in all the episodes.
  • One of the best episodes!

    Angela's dad comes to town. Shawn really wants her back. Angela's dad takes a liking to Shawn. Angela admits that she was scared of loving Shawn because she doesn't want to hurt him like her mother hurt them. They get back together. Eric is angry at Topanga for beating him up. He tries to stalk her. This was one of the greatest episodes! I loved all of Eric's disguises! He is so hilarious! I'm really glad that Shawn and Angela got back together! The bloopers at the end were hilarious! This was a really awesome episode and it gets a perfect 10 out of 10!
  • A Beautifully done episode...

    This is my very favorite episode of all time and definetly one of the best done episodes. "Angela's Men" is about Shawn and Angela's on and off again relationship and how they finally get back together. Angela's Father, Sergent Moore, comes to visit and to recruit young people for the army. Shawn decides to try and impress Angela by joining and ends up being the only person to make it through Sergent Moore's tough teaching.
    But, when Sergent Moore talks to Shawn personally he finds out that Shawn loves Angela and he thinks Angela loves him too, but won't admit it. Angela overhears them talking about their relationship and she becomes angry and insists that she doesn't love Shawn and can't. So Sergent Moore decides to bring Shawn over to Angela's apartment later and have a talk with her. When they get there, Angela is still angry and Sergent Moore wants to talk to Angela about how her mother left them. That makes Angela even angrier, because she doesn't want to talk about it in front of Shawn, however Sergent Moore already told Shawn and this saddens Angela deeply when he tells her this. Shawn insists that if she had told him it would have brought them closer and as he tries to reason with her Sergent Moore has a heart-to-heart talk with his daughter. This leads up to a beautiful beautiful scene where Angela finally confesses that she really does love Shawn, they hug, and Shawn reveals that he's always loved Angela.
    Meanwhile, Eric is seeking revenge on Topenga for beating him up and attempts to sneak attack her.

    I really reccomend this episode.
    It's one of the best! :)
  • Angela's father comes to town. Shawn tries to get her back by impressing her father.

    Angelas military father comes into town to check up on his daughter. When he finds that she has neglected the attention of Shawn, who he sees as a "good man", he takes matters into his own hands. Shawn tries to impress Angela by goining into the army. Angela gets upset and claims that she is not in love with shawn. Then later in the show it is revealed the as a young child Angelas mother walked out on her and her father. So Angela was neglecting to be with Shawn because she was afraid that she would one day leave him. Her father then convinces her theat she is not her mother and that her mother, unlike her was not in love.
  • In this episode Angelias father comes back to recrute people for the ROTC. When he goes to see Angelia , Sean is begging for her back.Eric continuously trying to get Topanga back after she beat him up, from what Sargent Moore tried to teach them. but of c

    This episode is pretty much the best episode out of all the seasons. It's so so funny how Eric tries to attack Topanga. He dresses up as a woman, a tree, a farmer in a picture frame, hides in a glass case in the lounge area, and best of all as a couch in her appartment. I also love how Sean is now taking girlfriend advise from Cory now and not the other way around (when Cory would always ask Sean for help or advise). This episode is the main reason why I watch this show because it shows how funny life could actually be. And of corse Eric he gets so much funnier in collage.
  • Angela and Shawn are still broken up, as are Cory and Topanga. While Eric tries to get revenge upon Topanga for their fight over the apartment, both Shawn and Cory attempt to get girlfriends back.

    This episode is the best of the series, solely based upon Eric's role. As Shawn struggles to prove that he and Angela belong together, and as Cory tries to convince Topanga that they should get married, Eric attempts to avenge the loss of his apartment to Topanga. Eric is the backbone of this hilarious episode, from his disguises to spy on Topanga (the tree is a personal favorite) to his plan to "sneak attack" her at a specific time and place. This is not to dismiss the other characters--everyone brings about laughs-- but Eric undeniably steals the show.
  • The funniest episode in the series!

    I love this episode. Is is my fave! I love it when Angela's dad tells Eric "You are a discrace to this University, this country, and humanity in general!" And Eric's like "Wow!". My favorite quote in the episode is when Mr.Feeny says " Shawn is a bright boy who tries his best at everything he does" (or something like that) and then he sees Eric in the window and says "But don't let your daughter go anywhere near that boy". And I like how Eric tries to get revenge on Topanga, and jumps at her through the painting and lands hard on the ground. The best episode ever!!!!
  • A great episode that reveals a lot of unknown things/

    This episode was so funny and touching at the same time. The part where Angela was saying that she didn't want to hurt Shawn made me cry. Also how Eric tried to get back at Topanga was just too funny!! This episode revealed a lot of things about Angela's past and her true feelings for Shawn. It was good to know that she has the same kind of problems that Shawn had. You can tell that they will be together a long time. The ending let you know that the next to fall back in love with eachother would be Cory and Topanga. Also the end credit bloopers was fantastic!! I hurt my stomach laughing!
  • Topanga and Angela are nervous about long-term relationship because Topanga's parents are divorced. Angela's father comes to town to recruit ROTC cadets. This is all while Eric is still hung up about Topanga, Angela, and Rachel stealing the apartment by w

    I love this episode. It is hilarious and sweet all at the same time. Eric's dilema with the Girls stealing the apartment is hilarious. The way he handles the problem is absolutely hilarious. The relationships that develop with Angela's father is great for the show. The funny one between him and Eric and Mr. Feeny is great. The way both Shawn and Angela and Topanga and Cory broke up for the same reason (parents) and the way they get back together is cool. The bloopers at the end of this episode reveal alot about the relationships on the set and of course are hilarious to watch. An all around great episode.