Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 3

Angela's Men

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 1999 on ABC

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  • Great episode for character development for Angela. We finally get to know more about her background, even if there are some inconsistencies with earlier episodes.

    Despite being a major character for the past several seasons, we know little about Angela as an individual. There was never any mention of her parents or her past. She just suddenly showed up at the high school in one episode, and became a major part of the gang.

    The emotional development in this episode is beautifully done, and simply amazing. However, it is a little inconsistent with past episodes. Here Angela refuses to tell Shawn she loves him for fear of hurting him, whereas in the past they were both equally fearful. I believe she has even told him she loved him in previous episodes, or at the very least she said it about him to others. In spite of these possible problems, her fears were presented realistically.

    Shawn's progression throughout the series has also been interesting. Even though he was the one to break up with Angela in the first place, he persists in his efforts to show how much he cares. I especially liked his interactions with Angela's father.

    And the Eric subplot was hilarious. Although the whole wrestling match in the previous episode was over-the-top and silly, the aftermath was handled nicely to make for a very interesting subplot. We get Eric stalking Topanga to attempt to get revenge on her for beating him up, culminating in a hilarious final scene that even the actors found too funny.