Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 20

As Time Goes By

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 2000 on ABC
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A stressed-out Topanga is sucked back in time into a black and white 1940s world where she cannot remember her past. She hopes the suave owner of the Shangri-La cafe and its eccentric patrons (portrayed by the show's cast) can provide clues to her identity.

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  • classic episode

    I love this episode cause of, the 1940s feel slicked haircuts and Perfect Beauty. all of them played different characters which is, fun to, watch don't forget Eric's voiceover lol great acting by everyone.
  • perfect

    What i liked- "Topanga, come out here, Eric's drunk." "Drunk, with knowledge", "I'm the gumshoe. There's the gum on my shoe", Eric calling 'fez head' feeny, "She don't sing so well", "He don't play so well" "we don't care!", the ending of the episode, Cory preoccupied watching cartoons, "Hi, I'm Angel Nuffsaid", "Topanga, get up." "Can't, i'm dead", amongst other things.

    brilliant episode. really funny. laugh a minute. A+ episode
  • Shangri-La

    I love this episode. Eric is absolutely amazing as a bubmling PI whose voice overs are hilarious and crime solving skills aren't that bad either. Everybody's characters in the alternate reality are great especially Feeny's and Cory's. Rory is so funny and its nice to see Ben Savage doing something other that squeaky clean. The message of this episode is also very good because she learns to relax and Rory was really right in Shangri-La because she was ruining the fun and they couldn't have that happening. Eric is also really funny at the end when he hears about the Vortex. I also love how every time the word Vortex is said the mysterious music comes on. All in all a great episode.moreless
  • It was great!

    Topanga travels in a time continum vortex. She goes to an alternate world where nobody has a care in the world. She doesn't know who she is or where she came from. She goes to the detective who tries to help her. She falls in love with Rory, the owner of the Shangri-La cafe. Then, she starts telling everyone about important things which disturbs their peaceful, carefree world, so Rory kills her. The detective finds Cory and they travel back and Cory learns that life is not all fun and games, while Topanga learns that life isn't all stress and work.

    This was a great episode! I loved seeing all the characters as different people. Eric was great! This episode receives a 10!moreless
  • it is about tapanga going into a vortex through the closet and she is stuck there and all of her friends are there too, but with diferent names, it is an alternate world!moreless

    this episode is exactly why i watch the series. It is by far my favorite episode. I love it so much. It is very creative with the names such as Rory instead of Cory. It is wicked good! It is so good that everytime i watch it i act surprised! Every episode is amazing, but this one by far is the best! If you like this episode, then you will probably like the one where they are locked in the classroom for detention and it is like a horror thing. Also the one where Cory keeps killing Sean in his dreams. this episode was amazingmoreless

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