Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 20

As Time Goes By

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

While Topanga is busy studying and writing a paper, Cory is laughing it up on the couch watching cartoons. Topanga asks Cory how he can sit there in front of the television when they both have the same assignments due the next day. Cory tells Topanga not to worry so much, and to sit down and relax. Topanga's idea of relaxation is cleaning, so she begins straightening out their closet. In the back of the closet Topanga notices a small door. She tells Cory it looks like a time continuum vortex, which they happen to be learning about in physics. Cory doesn't hear her comments because he is too caught up in cartoons. Topanga begins to explore the vortex and she gets sucked in and transported back in time.

She arrives at a place called Shangri-La Café, and she cannot remember her identity or anything about herself. The room is filled with people (portrayed by the rest of the Boy Meets World cast) who have problems of their own, but they don't care about them in Shangri-La. Topanga, or Trixie as they refer to her, blends in with the other patrons well, but after a while they all begin to loathe her ways of correcting them and having them worry about their problems. This leads to someone murdering her in cold blood.

Cory is transported through the vortex to find Topanga lying on the ground. It is reveled that the man that killed her is Rory, the owner of Shangri-La. Cory tells Rory that although she may be worrisome from time to time, he had never thought of doing such a thing. Cory then realizes that this isn't reality, which means Topanga isn't really dead.

Suddenly they are both back in their apartment. Cory turns off the television and tells Topanga that he is going to start studying. Topanga suggests taking a break first, so the two sit on the couch and watch cartoons together.
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