Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 1

Back 2 School

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 23, 1994 on ABC

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  • first day of high school

    Will Cory and Shawn be able to survive the thrills and horror of high school? Maybe not, when Cory immediately gets on the bully of the schools' bad side. I like this episode and this season as a whole. I love the introduction of Mr. Turner, I like Harley, Joey the Rat, and Frankie, and I basically love everything. This episode is very funny and a great opener for the show's second season, and looks of how Cory Shawn and Topanga will do in high school for the remainder of the season {and the next couple}. Overall grade- an A+
  • It was an ok episode.

    It's surprising to see how similar the actors and actresses make their character to their character in later episodes. (They're not exactly like their future characters, but they are very, very close.) That's a rarity in shows. Usually a (or several) drastic change(s) happens to the characters over a course of a series, and sometimes over the course of a season. Mr. Turner was really cool in this episode. (He's cool in most of the episodes really. XP) I wish I had had a teacher like him in middle school. It would have made it so much more enjoyable. XD I was almost shocked to see Eric ctand up for Cory when he was able to get beat up by the bully after school. But I wasn't really surprised because Eric has a kind heart and cares about people, so he wouldn't let his little brother get beat up. Overall this was a decent episode.
  • High School!

    Cory, Shawn, and Topanga start high school. Eric makes Cory sign a contract saying that he can't talk to him. Cory tries to befriend Harley. Mr. Feeny is the principal. Cory gets Harley in trouble so Harley wants to kill him. Mr. Turner, their homeroom teacher, is young and cool. Eric helps Cory when Harley says he wants to kill him. Shawn meets a girl.

    This was a great episode! I enjoyed the appearances of Harely, Joey, and Frankie! This was a funny episode and a great second season opener! I give this great episode a 10 out of 10!
  • Boy Meets World begins Season 2 with a new style & outlook--and it works perfectly!

    In the Season 2 premiere, Cory, Shawn & Topanga (who becomes a main cast member) begin school at John Adams High (actually Jr/Sr high). Immediately, Cory runs into trouble with the school bully Harley Keiner--and when he's taken to the Principal's office and finds Feeney, his problems only get worse. All the while, Eric refuses to acknowledge Cory's existence...who is awaiting his after-school doom, in a face-off with Harley! The audience also meets the new, cool teacher, Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) who is a fantastic addition to the show. His rescue of Cory & Eric (who finally decides to assist Cory) certainly foreshadows his future relationship with our favorite students. This season marked a new feel to BMW...and it went off without a hitch. A perfect blend of comedy--and a whole lot of new characters--engross the audience and make it want more! A perfect second premiere to a great series.
  • a pretty good episode

    It's Cory and Shawn's first day of high school. When the episdoe first starts off, Cory thinks he has a plan to make it through high school. But at seeing how intimidationg high school can really be, and how hard it can be to fit in, Cory finds himself changing who he is to ensure he has a future in high school. After a series of hilarious problems, Cory finds himself in one of the biggest binds he ever got himself into. This is such a nice episode. It really teaches teens that they won't get anywhere by trying to be someone they are not.
  • Cory\'s first day at John Adams High

    On Cory\'s first day of high school (though it isn\'t really-they are in 7th grade), he encounters Harley (the school bully) and Mr. Feeny as the acting principal at John Adams High. Mr. Turner is introduced as the hip teacher and Minkus isn\'t again seen until The Graduates. There is a funny scene in the beginning where Cory has to call Eric O Great One (LOL-that was funny). At lunch, Cory decides to go the nurse\'s office and call home, but then, he decides to be brave and go fight Harley after school, as planned. This is also the episode where Cory earns his name as \"Baboon\" (Harley calls him that)
  • This episode is the turning point that moves the sitcom from being a corny show about adolesents to a corny show about teenagers. It is one of the best episodes of the entire series, for its own reasons.

    The first season dealt with more childish topics, but this episode was one of the turning points of the series that helped push it towards the mature drama-ish sitcom that it would eventually become.

    In this episode, we see Shawn, Cory, and Topanga start their 7th year of public education and their 1st year of high school. This episode covers several issues that most teenagers experience every day: the desire to fit in, the fear of starting a new school, bullies, sibling interaction, and Feeny! (lol).

    We see several of the characters go through dramatic changes, some characters disappear, and new character be introduced into the series. Cory and Shawn remain the same characters that they were in the first season. Cory is still wanting to fit in and be normal, while Shawn remains Cory's fun seeking, rule bending best friend. Topanga changes from an perceived oddball to a normal teenage girl, which is sensible since most teenagers grow away from their parental upbringing and develop their own style and grace as the enter high school. Minkus completely disappears from the series and is never mentioned again untilt he Graduation episode in Season 5. Eric has moved away from being the average older brother and more towards being a goofy comic relief character (which he'll eventually mainly become as the seasons progress). We are introduced to the bully of the school: Harly, and his two flunkies: Joey and Franky. We are also introduced to the new, cool teacher: Mister Turner. Oh, and then there is Feeny who...well, Feeny is always Feeny.

    The characters grow up a lot during the second season, and most of the growth is foreshadowed within this episode.
  • I don't understand.

    Did anyone notice that in the first season they where eleven, and now they're in highschool? But they also said that they're in the seventh grade (hints twelve), i mean come on thay can't be in the seventh grade if there in highschool at the same time. Besides highschool dosen't start until the ninth grade (hints forteen), it dosen't make any sence!
    I gess the wrighters decided that the actors where looking too old and that they should speed up the show. Considering the fact that you could totaly tell that they where forteen when the show began. But that still dosen't explane why they said that they where in the seventh grade.
    I don't know what the was going on, i just want someone to explane it.

    Thank you for reading my review of "Back 2 School"

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