Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 8

Band on the Run

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 1994 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Cory and Shawn pretend to be in a band "to meet chicks". Everything is going great, until Mr. Feeny books them for the school dance.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The Exits

    Cory and Shawn start a band to attract girls, even though they can’t play. They are then booked for the dance. Everyone is booing them. Topanga says that Cory looked cute on stage. Alan invites his old band to see if they still got it. Eric is good at the guitar. Mr. Feeny and Mr. Turner even laugh at Cory and Shawn.

    This was a good episode! I thought that the very end, with Eric, looked fake. It sounded cool though. Those guitars looked awesome! Seeing Alan’s old band was kind of funny! They were all old! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • pretty funny episode

    When Cory has hard time finding a date, he realizes girls will pay attention to him if he is in a band. No knowing what bthey were getting into, Cory and Shawn pretned to be in a band called the exits. Before long, they get drawn in to going further and further with this band act to please some certain girls. Eventually they have to find some guys to be in the band. At finally having a group to be a "band", they all make a pact to never play because they don't know how to. When a band playing the school dance pulls out, the exits are the next in. In the tightest spot they could get themselves in, they realize true friendship is far more important than some girls they don't even know.moreless
  • cory and shawn form a band to impress girls

    cory and shawn pretend they have a band to impress girls, and when they ask them to play, they always say no, and disappoint the girls. but, they need other guys to be in the band, so they get 2 other guys. then, the band that was supposed to play for the school dance quits, and cory volunteers his "band" now called "The Exits". hahaha this episode is funny. cory and shawn are then faced with a dilemma because they have no clue how to play. they end up playing the name game!moreless
  • Cory Cory, fo Fory, banana bana bo Bory, me my Mory, Cory!

    Move over Milli Vanilli, here comes The Exits! Cory & Shawn were hilarious, trying to get away with forming a rock band! Shawn had a flying V guitar while Cory had a Southpaw (lefty) Les Paul. Cory ended up doing "The Name Game"!

    Chuck Barris would gong them & Simon Cowell would cut them down!

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    • Alan (to Cory and Shawn): Your first gig? You just started playing two days ago.
      Norm: Kids learn fast today, Alan.
      Alan: Not mine.

    • Shawn: At least you can't sink any lower.
      Senior (to Cory): Hey, you. Busy?
      Cory: You're not gonna ask me to the dance, are you?
      Senior: And what if I did?
      Cory: I'd say...pick me up at eight, but no slow dances.

    • Cory: Apparently it's not a good time to be a grandmother. Look, her grandmother's coughing phlegm, her grandmother's hacking blood and her...
      Shawn: Whoa. I happen to know she has no grandmother.
      Cory: Yes, and somehow she blames me for her death.

    • Cory (to the crowd): Are you ready to rock!?
      Crowd: Yeah!
      Cory: Are you ready to roll!?
      Crowd: Yeah!
      Cory: Are you ready to rock and roll!
      Crowd: Yeah!
      Shawn: Goodnight everybody!

    • Shawn: Cory, I never thought I'd hear myself say this; but we need some guys.

    • Cory: Look who they got to play at the dance.
      Shawn: The Exits. They're great.
      Cory: They're us!
      Shawn: They're not so good.

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    • Title: Band on the Run

      The episode's title comes from the song/album of the same name, by Paul McCartney and his post-Beatles band, Wings.