Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 19

Bee True

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 09, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

In the student union, Eric unpromtedly offers to help Feeny win over Dean Bolander. Feeny doesn't want the help, but as Eric says, "it's out of (his) hands."
On the other side of things, Dean Bolander is interested, but she feels that Mr. Feeny is moving to slowly. When she walks in, Eric encourages Feeny to talk to her, but as he starts to make his move, Dean Bolander's ex-husband, Curtis, bursts in.
Dr. Curtis Kincade is an archaelogist with tons of adventure stories, and he's returned to win back Dean Bolander.
Eric turns to Cory and Shawn for help. However, the boys are "legitimate now"--they're in the bake sale business. Shawn has learned that the "schemes and capers (he) used to hatch, they only lead to despair". Besides, Cory hit a teacher and is still on probation. "I am ashamed to call you guys my brother and Shawn," despairs Eric.
In the next day, Curtis tells adventure stories which make Mr. Feeny look boring and ponderous. When he takes a shot at Feeny behind his back, Cory and Shawn agree that this man may require some attenion.
After Eric encourages Mr. Feeny to act quickly. He explains that Feeny is in a triangle; and in a triangle, he who hesitates is lost.
Cory and Shawm break into the sciene lab where Curtis is keeping a secret discovery. They throw papers around and break stuff, including a jar that houses a bee. They open up a window to let it out, which sets off the alarm. Mr. Feeny rushes in, the boys blame him for making the mess, run out and lock the door.
They return with Dean Bolander, and explain that it was just an act of love culminating in an act of vandalism. Just then, Kincade enters looking for the bee--his prized discovery. It lands on Dean Bolander's neck. She's allergic to bees, but Kincade doesn't care. He only cares about the bee. Mr. Feeny steps in and grabs the bee, which promptly stings him. Curtis runs out trying to save the bee. Dean Bolander is impressed with Feeny, and the two kiss.
Meanwhile, Jack doesn't want to go dancing with Rachel because he's so much shorter than her. Rachel eventually convinces him that she doesn't care what he looks like.
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