Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 21

Boy Meets Girl

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 06, 1994 on ABC

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  • A great Cory/Topanga story that helps begin their romance, a staple of the show.

    This episode is not the first that hits on the Cory & Topanga relationship, the first one being Topanga's very first appearance in "Cory's Alternative Friends" when she pins him against his locker and kisses him. However, this episode takes it to a whole other level. Cory returns the affection and it is the first time they actually have in-depth conversations that are not just started by insulting banter.

    It is a real romantic coming-of-age for Cory, who is trying to force himself into liking girls to keep up with Shawn. But when he lets his guard down, he finds himself maturing naturally. It is very observational of kids and a lot of lines that are very much in the spirit of the strange things kids say sometimes. This is one of the episodes that set the tone of the show for the next few years, and it's a good one.
  • Cute!

    Mr. Feeny shows a film on puberty. Shawn meets Hilary, a girl he likes, and they go out on a date. Cory gets jealous so he asks Topanga out. At the last minute, he cancels their date saying that he has the flu. Topanga comes over and he tells her the truth and they talk and hang out. Cory and Shawn really fall for these girls. Eric gives Shawn girl advice.

    This was a cute episode! I liked the end when Topanga fixed his collar and then Cory messed it up, and then he put it back the way she had it. I think that sixth grade is a little young for dating though. Topanga and Cory looked so good together. I liked this episode so I’m giving it a 10!
  • shawn asks a girl out for the first time and cory wants to keep up

    one of my favorite lines from this episode
    shawn: cory, how do you ask a girl out?
    cory: easy, tell her "get out, youre bugging me."
    hahaha! but anyway, when shawn goes out with hillary and starts spending a lot of time with her, cory decides he can ask a girl out too, so he asks topanga. his parents end up telling him to cancel, so he lies to her and says he has the flu. Topanga then comes by with some "boncha tea" (don't know what that is) and he tells her he's not really sick. they sit down and talk - this is a necessary episode for the development of cory and topanga's relationship
  • Shawn goes out on his first date. Cory, not wanting to fall behind also tries to get a date.

    Well if you ask me, this was a very big turning point for Cory and Shawn since it was their first dates.

    My favorite scene was Cory and Topanga in Cory's living room with the laundry basketball. And when Cory instinctively high fived Topanga was just a classic scene.

    My favorite quote would be Shawn imitating an air force pilot or whatever and saying:

    "16 to base we have a confirmed date send backup!"

    And as if Minkus couldn't be smarter on any other subject, he just happens to be a self proclaimed expert on girls?

    (Cory imitating a snobby girl) "Guys with one eyebrow whats their problem?"

    Ah my, text does not do it justice.
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