Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 2

Boy Meets Real World

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 10, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory is shooting a Real World-style documentary, for Mr. Feeny's film class, on the lives of three new roommates: Eric, Jack and Shawn. Jack and Shawn are just getting to know each other as brothers, and it's Eric's first foray away from home. Mr. Feeny tells Cory that he's got an excellent start, and he could consider using the film as part of his college application. Cory is excited, but Topanga warns him that his friends may get tired of his constant filming.
Cory films Shawn in the shower("for the European version"), causing him to come running out in a towel and nothing else. "You go to far!". Just then, a girl named Wendy knocks on the door, looking for Jack. Cory manages to coerce a kiss out of the two for his film. Impressed, Wendy writes her number on Shawns hand.
Later at Chubbie's, Cory and Shawn catch Jack on a date with Wendy. When Jack tells Shawn he took her to a Sheryl Crow concert, Shawn gets upset. "I can't compete with that." "It's not a competition." "Yeah,not anymore." Jack realizes that they need to talk, but Shawn takes off.
Cory finds the tension to be great material for his documentary, and continues to film as the half-brother's argue. Shawn thinks Jack is trying to flaunt his step-father's money, and Jack insists he works for his own money. Shawn decides to move out. Topanga steps in front of Cory's camera, angry at him for filming the problem, instead of trying to help.
Cory visits Mr. Feeny and tells him of his predicament. Feeny says he knows Cory to be a sensitive, caring person; and that he has the potential to be a sensitive, caring filmmaker.
Meanwhile, Eric tells Jack a story about a time he and Cory went to a baseball game. Jack notes that this isn't really a good story, and Eric says he's right; it's a bad story. "So, why don't you tell me one about your brother."
Cory finds Shawn outside an old apartment building. He tells him that he's not there about the film, but Shawn tells him to turn the camera on anyway, he has something to say. He tells the camera that, after learning about Jack, he began writing letters to him, but never got any replies.
Jack shows up and tells Shawn that he didn't get any letters. "My stepmom must have thrown them away." Shawn doesn't believe him and accuses Jack of being ashamed of him. He goes to leave, but Cory convinces him to stay. Jack tells Shawn that, if he knew Shawn wanted to see him, he would have hopped on a bus and found him.
Shawn seems to believe him, and the reconcile with a brotherly hug. Jack says he's looking forward to making stories of his own, with Shawn.
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