Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 23

Brave New World (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 05, 2000 on ABC

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  • A Great Finale!!!

    In this finale Cory has problems with his fear of moving to New York for Topanga\\\'s internship, resulting in multiple flashbacks and a host of memories. When he finally decides to take Manhattan, it voncludes that Shawn, Jack and Eric have all made big moving plans of their own. But before anyone can leave town, the crew makes one last stop to Mr. Feeny\\\'s classroom. when they get there they bid in an emotional farewell to their mentor,teacher , and friend who gives them one last bit of advice before they leave and \\\"Boy Meets World\\\"

  • When I watched this episode I cried...

    I'd have to say Brave New World is a marvelous finale for Boy Meets World. I have to admit I cried particularly when Topange was saying goodbye to Mr. Feeny. I loved how they made this episode into a flashback sort of thing. Especially most of the Feeny calls Eric made up. It's a shame this show ended because it was realli great.

    Its wierd though that Mr. Feeny didn't say I love you to their faces. And I wish they would make a reunion on this show too! Or maybe like make a new episode with all of them at their current age. But yeah that would never happen. Anyways, if you haven't seen this episode you should!
  • This was such a great series finale, I almost cried. Man it was sad seeing this show end. Although they really should have given Eric and Jack a spinoff. That would have been hillarious.

    This episode does make you cry. The music is so sad at the end. Although the episode is mostly filled with clips, we see the whole BMW original cast (Corey, Shawn, Topanga and Eric) and the new Boy Meets world cast (Angela, Jack and Rachel). The show was originally about a young boy named Corey Matthews. A sort of punk kid, and his best friend was a hoodlum named Shawn Hunter. He also had this girl which he secretly had a crush on named Topanga who was strange in the first two seasons. Also Corey had a selfish Older brother Eric, two parents Alan and Amy and a sister Morgan who never understood him. Then to top it all off he had his next door neigbhor Mr. Feeny, who ironically was his teacher every season of the show. In the beginning Corey was the bad apple inside Mr. Feeny's good apple class. Corey was always causing trouble and getting bad grades. As the show grew Corey developed and matured, and although he and Topanga became boyfriend and girlfriend and engaged each other. We saw new characters come along and if you watch the first episode of BMW, and compare it to the last episode you really see that Corey, Eric, Shawn and Topanga all have developed from Mr. Feeny, which is a great message for kids. Corey and Shawn both were troublemakers early on in the series, but I remember one episode early in the First season where Corey wishes something bad would happen to Mr. Feeny and he goes to the hospital. Mr. Feeny goes to the hospital and Corey goes to cheer him, because he felt like he was responsible and while leaving out of the door Corey says "Thanks", and Feeny looks at him and says "For what?", and Corey responds "I Don't know yet". By the end of the series we see that each of the characters learn to go from children to adults. Including Eric, whose character hysterically gets funnier as he gets dumber. By the last episode where they are in the Matthew's kitchen and Corey, Shawn, Eric and Topanga are going to New York we see Josh (Corey's little brother who was born the season previous) look at him. We see Corey give him a great speech and end it with "Boy meets world, I get it." That was great television, where Corey gives a great message from his firsthand experienced and then just goes off to the Brave New World. It was sad seeing his Parents and Morgan crying as Rachel and Jack went to serve their country, and Corey, Shawn ,Eric and Topanga (the Originals of the show) all leave to Mr. Feeny's class. It so sad when they talked to Mr. Feeny for the Last time and Feeny said "Do Good" and Topanga asked "Don't you mean well?" and he responded "No Do good." Also when he refused to say he loved them, that was a little bit surprising but hey there is a line between teacher and student. Not even Mr. Feeny can break that. Good television. Then they all leave the classroom and Feeny is there by himself and the sappy is music is playing as soon as all the characters hug Feeny and head out to New York. Then Feeny repeats the last words that I'll never forget from the series, "I love you all, Class dismissed." Although they already left, that was just so sad. Then Feeny leaves and the classroom where the first scene of the series took place is dark. That's what I hate that a great show always has to have a sad ending. I wished they would have given Eric and Jack a spinoff but I guess not, that would have been funny. However this episode was just amazing, and this show more then any other was able to show the characters grow and mature within 7 years. Man was this series great.
  • When I saw this episode i cried. It was so sad to see this wonderful show go off the air. I have taped all the episodes so I can always watch them over and over again!

    This was one of the best episodes of Boy Meets World. I can't even begin to imagine what my life would be like without Boy Meets World. It is the best show I have ever seen in my whole life and I will never forget how funny and talented the whole cast is!
  • A crying and heartfelt episode!

    Every time I see this episode I cry! This show had great acting, and it had such feeling! As most last-episodes do, they had plenty of flashbacks to some of the greatest and funniest points of the show. Even when my eyes were watering, the tears started pouring when Topanga, Cory, and Shawn were talking with Mr. Feeny in the end. This is one of my favorite episodes! Anyone who has a heart and has seen what the cast has all been through in the previous episodes would cry and love this episode.
  • I love you all. Class dismissed.

    The series finale of Boy Meets World is the perfect episode of Boy Meets World. It includes all the elements we have seen throughout the series. It has the comical moments, the dramatic moments, the oh-my-god-i'm-going'to-cry moments, and the timeless moments between friends. I was glad that Shawn decided to go with Cory and Topanga and moved that Jack was going into the Peace Corps. Mr. Feeny was the one person that got me to tears. His last line and the last line of the series-

    I love you all. Class dismissed.

    sums up everything abour Boy Meets World. It was a show about love and learning with Mr. Feeny as the guide. It was the best line of the series because it was the line that told the story. It's also the line that made me cry for twently minutes after the credits. Boy Meets World was a great show and it will be missed.
  • One of the best finales I have seen!

    The writers really pulled together alot of creative clips to bring back all the great memories the show had. It was really emotional for me because I watched and grew up with this show. The finale artisticly puts all of the flash backs together with the characters as they prepare to strike outinto the real world. My favorite flashbacks our Erics. His feeny call doll his hilarious. However Eric and Feeny should have had a more tearful good-by that match their unique relationship. Corys's conversation with joshua is hilarious. Love when Cory states that he now understands the title of the show. The classroom ending brought it back to were it all started and COMPLETELY sums up the entire meaning of the show. "Do Well"
  • I am watching this show till i'm dead.

    This is the greatest episode of any tv show i have ever seen. I have to admit to you i was almost in tears watching this. If points decided if you cried or not i would be a 4th of 1 point short of crying. I always thought that my favorite episode of BMW would be "Home" but man, was I wrong. I encourage every BMW fan to see this.
  • In the final episode of Boy Meets World, stakes are rising. Angela left with her dad. Topanga finds out that she has to work in New York, with Cory along with her. Jack and rachel get ready to goto the peace core. Eric&Shawn decides togoto New York with C

    In the final episode of Boy Meets World, stakes are rising. Angela left with her dad. Topanga finds out that she has to work in New York, with Cory along with her. Jack and rachel get ready to goto the peace core. Eric&Shawn decides togoto New York with Cory&Tapanga. With flashbacks and tears, and one last confrontation with Feeny, the gang goes to New York in this final episode ever.
  • Perfect.. a finale that lighted up my heart,made me cry... And the last line by Mr.Feeny- I love you all. Class dismissed. - Just made the whole show worth wild. I watched this show growing up, and I\'m gonna watch this forever. The best fin

    Perfect.. a finale that lighted up my heart,made me cry... And the last line by Mr.Feeny-
    I love you all. Class dismissed.
    - Just made the whole show worth wild. I watched this show growing up, and I\'m gonna watch this forever... Till I die. The best finale for the best show. Everything was perfect.
  • A very sad episode.

    Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric get ready to move to New York. It's really sad that Angela went to Europe before this episode. She leaves all of her friends behind. Now Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric are doing the same thing.

    Quote from Mr. Feemy: I love you all. Class dismissed.
  • Amazingly done, especially this line: I Love You All Class Dismissed.

    This episode made me cry the whole way though it. If you are a series fan it just touches your heart and makes your heart weep. I love the flashbacks and the way they wrote the finale. Mr. Feeney was always a part of their lives and ending the show with Eric, Cory, Shawn, and Topanga talking to him was just fabulous. When they told him that they all loved him and that he had touched their lives it make me cry even more. The point where I cried the hardest was at the very end where they all have walked out of Mr. Feeney's classroom and he is facing the empty classroom and says these words: I Love You All, class Dismissed. Those are words that are classic.
  • The reason what makes this the best show ever. It couldn't be concluded any other way.

    I have seen every single Boy Meets World episode, and I can safely say that it is the greatest journey I have ever been on. I literally live by this show.

    Before I saw this episode for the first time, Boy Meets World was one of my top 3 favorite shows. But after I witnessed the phenominal power of this episode, I knew for sure, that this IS the greatest show that was ever made.

    The episode concluded so perfectly. It all came down to the man that taught them the most. Without this man, this series would have never been a success. Without him, this series would have been nothing. I am not saying that the other characters are not important. I am just simply saying that Mr. Feeny made "boy meet world." Of course Cory's parents were key also, and are definitely a close second to Mr. Feeny. See, his parents were only there for Cory and Eric most of the time, but Feeny was the core ingredient that made all the characters come together and that made all the characters flow so well with eachother. Through all that Mr. Feeny has taught them inside and outside of school, it was like they were in class the whole time. It was only fitting for the last line to be what it was. It was only fitting for those 6 words-the words that made my tears jerk-to be used as the grand finale...

    I love you all. Class dismissed!
  • This series finale made sure Boy Meets World fans would stay Boy Meets World Fans forever.

    Probably the most revealing and emotional aspect of this episode was the flashbacks. Seeing just how they had grown. Besides the obvious Cory/Topanga flashbacks, my personal favorite was the Shawn/Cory flashbacks, showing just how perfect a pair of friends they are. These remiscions reminded me of just how well these two characters played the most important role...the role of the friend. This episode, just the like the series was brilliantly written and sure to touch fanse for years and years and years to come.
  • it was brilliant!!!!!

    the most saddest season finale ever. ive seen a lot of series finales but that has to be the worst, the part in Mr. Feeneys classroom really got me and then the bit when Cory is talking to Joshua is just heartwrenching, 5 stars what a brilliant way to end it!!!!!
  • What a way to end it all

    I have always been an huge fan of BMW and over the years and out of all the finallys I have watched this one is the best followed close by the friends show. Letting Mr. Fenny finish it all off couldnt have been written any better. "I love you all, class dismissed" definetly a 10\10.
  • Dramatic and overflowing with emotional beauty, the final episode of ABC's ground-breaking series provided a very appropriate clousure to the close-knit friendships the writers had painted on screen since 1993, both on screen and at home with us, the view

    Since it's inception in 1993, "Boy Meets World" was undoubtedly a part of the regular television viewing for those of us that hit our teenage years in the mid and late 1990's. Touching on serveral issues that common teenagers dealt with on a regular basis and offering to keep the viewer interested in a clean and humorous fasion, this cleverly written series won the hearts of millions of viewers through the supurb acting of Ben Savage, Willie Fridle, Rider Strong, and their supporting cast.

    This final episode, I would imagine, was difficult for the writing staff to put together as task of closing such a spun-out, yet very popular series, can be quite daunting. They had written all they could about every possible problem and senario they could think of, and they knew it was time to retire the concept into the famed hall of syndication.

    Using several flashbacks triggered through Cory to reminice about the past, him and Topanga, along with Shawn, Eric, and undoubtedly Mr. Feeney, closed the show as the reigning popular characters that each and every one of us had grown to love and relate to. Sporting an exceptional eliquency with each of the characters, the lyrical way that this finale was constructed, produced, and performed closed the door for the show and its millions of faithful viewers, and opened it for each and every one of them to draw their own conclusions, and much like the teachings of Mr. Feeney, let everyone go their sparate ways in the only way he (and the writers) knew how.

    This wonderfully clever drama/comedy was as funny as it was serious, and gave new light into the grave matters facing our young people today. We all could relate with the characters writen into the show, and in one way or another, we can all attribute something we learned from their world to our own.
  • I cried.

    Sad... so sad...

    It's just so hard to see the gang leave... to split up... for the first time in the series, the boy met world...

    The last line in the series was also so dramatic... I couldn't get over it... this was one of the few time where this show which was filled with laughs, stopped the comedy to meet reality... a great episode, and awesome finale, and a sad goodbye...
  • Cory and Topanga are moving to new york, eric goes with them, and in the end so does shawn. Flashbacks through the whole thing

    I cried the whole episode. including part one. i couldn't beleive cory and topanga were moving to new york. i don't know it was just really wierd. but it was a really really really go episode.

    this episode rocked my world! and my tear ducts. if you cry easily have a box of tissues when you watch this episode

  • A Beautiful Ending to a Great Show

    WOW! I wasn't expecting to cry at all in watching the series finale. But I just couldn't help myself. I can't think of a better way to end this show. The last moments where Cory, Eric, Shawn and Topanga were in their old classroom and said goodbye to Mr. Feeny really choked me up.

    It was just so sad to watch it end.Although, I really wanted to Mr. Feeny to tell them all that he loved them in front of their faces. But I was very satisfied and in a way transformed by the final words. "I love you all...Class dismissed". I couldn't have imagined any better words, not too long at all, they were perfect, beautiful, and definitely short and sweet.

    Boy Meets World will forever have a place in my heart, and one thing is for sure I will never forget it or the lessons I learnt that came from watching it.
  • Brave New World~ the ending of an era and my childhood!

    the series finale was like saying goodbye to my childhood. I grew up watching it, and when they all said goodbye to each other it was like I was saying goodbye too. I know this sounds dramatic but the show was very much a weekly thing I looked forward to. The way they ended it was excellent and was one of the best wrap ups to a sitcom that TV will ever see. There will never be another show like boy meets world. I would love to see a tv movie reunion type thing... It would be great. I still watch the reruns today~!
  • the final episode of the whole serie

    the final episode is the last of all the series, including flashbacks and old clips in the good memories. we will always remember the cast in that show. The last part of the finale was really emotional when they had to leave the classroom for the last time and see Mr. fenny for the last time. They been trying to get Mr. Feeny to say that he loves the four of them but refused to. when the four left, he finally said that he loves everyone to the empty class room then that was the end of the show. i loved that finale
  • The end of a classic series. Flashbacks a plenty.

    This is a classic final episode to the series. It has many flash backs to great moments in the series. Really brings back memories. Id have to say this is a very emotional ending I had to fight the tears at the end of the show. Id say if you have seen most the episodes then you must see this one. Great Ending to one of the Great 90 Shows. I Highly Recomend this episode. I will miss the show but This episode is a nice farewell long live boy meets world. 9.7 The Episode was mainly flashbacks thats why I cant give it a perfect 10.
  • i was sobbing by the end of this episode. its the end of an amazing show.

    i was so sad. i love this episode dearly. flashbacks, tears, saying goodbye. it was adorable when cory was talking to little joshua. daniel jacobs was adorable. he reacted just like a little boy would react in real life, none of that full house michelle right on queue kind of thing, always saying clever things.

    i\'ll miss this show dearly. cory is going threough life one step at a time, and by this episode, he finnally has some knowledge about the world that he will deffinatley use later, he\'ll become a regualar old mr. feeny.

    boy met girl, boy met world.
    the end:]
  • At first I didn't want to watch this episode, seeing as I like the show so much.

    Then I realize that it was the series finale. Some parts are funny, and make you laugh out loud, others are very sad - making you realize that there is a tear running down your cheek. I'm very sad to see this show go. The kids have been though alot in the past years. They've grown up on TV, they're like a part of the family. It's going to be hard for my boyfriends daughter, that was her favorite show. I enjoyed it myself. I've got to say, my favorite part of this eposide was the classroom scene. Mr. Fenie was really going to cry.

    "I Love you all!"
  • Every good show must come to an end!

    I didn't pick up with this show until after the show ended. I started watching this show from the begining. i was hooked to the show. Then came the final episode. I watched the show and said everyone does the same ending. They all are going into the world and it happens to be to New York. lol. Look at the Fresh Prince of Bel - Air, they went to New York. But over all it was a great episode. It showed us what's yet to come. I really wish they would do a Spin - off of this show!
  • LOVED IT what more can i say

    This series finally really made me cry. I was so sad when it ended,the should have kept going. Boy Meets World really gave me something to look foward too. I would watch it every night it came on t.v and just talk to my family and friends about it. It basically made me want to go to high school and college. The least they could have done was to show us what happened after they all went there seperate ways. I would have loved to see what happens with the gang after they all when there seperate ways. I mean you know the Boy Meets World Reunion. But I give this show great ratings.
  • This final scene always gets to me.

    I'm not gonna lie, every time i see the final scene of this episode, I break down and cry. The part where they're saying goodbye to Mr. Feeny and they're like "Tell us you love us." and he doesn't. Then they say their goodbyes and leave and mr. feeny is like "I love you all...Class dismissed." That part always gets to me. I grew up watching the show, so seeing it end was very difficult to me. It tackled a lot of important issues for what is supposed to be a comedy. I really loved the characters. I loved the relationship with mr. feeny. I loved everything about this show and seeing it end was heartbreaking.
  • ...

    Of course the end of a show like Boy Meets World will be insanely sad. I think anyone who really loved this show felt some form of sadness stirring in their hearts. I know I did. I was laughing when Mr. Feeny called Cory Cornelius. And especially when he said,"I love you all." It was so touching.
  • The end of something great...

    How sad was watching the final episode of Boy Meets World? It was everyone's favorite show as a kid and continues to be mine. This episode is very well done. I love the flashbacks and all the memories. The part with Jack and Shawn's dad, Chet, speaking as a ghost is hilarious. On the other hand, the very end of the episode is so meaningful and touching. I cried and am not ashamed to admit it. That's the amazing part of this show: it manages to combine laughter and tears all in one episode. Oh how I miss Boy Meets World.
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