Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 23

Brave New World (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 05, 2000 on ABC

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  • In the series finale, Cory's moving to New York starts a host of flashbacks and guest spots, including Chet, down from Heaven.

    I loved this show, and this was a perfect send off. I hated to see it go, and I still get a little downcast when I watch this one, but still, it was near perfect. There was a great blend of humor and seriousness, and I was thrilled to see all the major characters appear. Some of the moves, like Jack joining the peace corp, seems a bit odd, but hey, it's the series finale. Chet showing up as a ghost is nice, but it would've been good to see Mr. Turner, as he was written out in such an odd way. But, as far as series finales go, this is the cream of the crop.