Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 23

Brave New World (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 05, 2000 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In an interview with the main cast of 'Boy Meets World'. after the finale aired, Danielle Fishel revealed that in her last scene, she was originally not meant to cry. Knowing that it was her last scene ever, she broke down while saying her lines. The scene was kept as is, due to the realness of her emotion.

    • In the first episode, Cory says he doesn't understand anything about the world around him. In the last episode, he gives a speech to Josh, about the world around him and how he understands it. Thus the show comes full circle. "Boy Meets World, now I get it!"

    • In this episode, Mr. Feeny reveals that Cory's real name is Cornelius and also that Topanga knows nothing about it. But, Topanga would have found out when she signed the marriage license, because you have to use your real name. You cannot use a nickname unless you legally change your name at the Philadelphia courthouse.

    • Feeny tells the gang that it would be wrong for him to say "I Love You" to them. Yet he says it to Eric at his wedding.

  • Quotes

    • Cory: Well I wanna go to New York.
      Topanga: No you don't.
      Cory: I do! I need room to grow Topanga, and I don't think it's fair that you're keeping me from growing.
      Topanga: You would do this for me?
      Cory: Topanga, I'd do anything for you.

    • Shawn: (to Mr. Feeny) You uh . . . you never gave up on me. Never once. I'm not gonna forget you. You're the best person I know. (hugs Mr. Feeny)

    • Cory (to Joshua): When you're not a little boy anymore, when the world has taught you how to be this know, you're still gonna make mistakes; but your family and your friends that you've made along the way are gonna help you, OK? Even though it'll seem like the world is going out of its way to teach you these hard lessons, you're gonna realize, that it's the same world that's given you your family and your friends. And you're gonna come to believe that the world's gonna protect you too..."Boy Meets World." Now I get it!

    • Jack: Money doesn't make you rich, life makes you rich. Our father taught us that.
      Chet: I did not, that's stupid! Money makes you rich! You ask anybody "What makes you rich? Money!" I got two stupid boys. Y'all are embarrassing me in front of my dead friends.

    • Topanga (crying; to Mr. Feeny): I will never...forget you. You we're more of a father to me than my own dad.

    • Amy (to Cory): And don't you dare get Topanga pregnant until you're absolutely ready.
      Eric: I won't.

    • Amy: Cory and Topanga are going to the city! I'm inconsolable!
      Alan: Eric has decided to go with them.
      Amy: Oh. So, what's for lunch?

    • Feeny: Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.
      Topanga: Don't you mean, "do well"?
      Feeny: No, I mean, do good.

    • Eric (walks up to Mr. Feeny): I don't know what will happen to me, but I know that I will be a good person that cares about people, (pauses) and I blame you for that.

    • Mr. Feeny: So, Mr. Matthews...
      Cory: I think you've known me long enough to call me Cory.
      Mr. Feeny: I think I've known you long enough to call you Cornelius.
      Cory: Shh! Mr. Feeny! Come...not even Topanga knows that!

    • Shawn (to Mr. Feeny): Oh, you know we're your favorites!
      Cory: Come on, Feeny. You haven't even talked to another student for seven years.

    • (after Cory, Topanga, and the gang leave the classroom, Mr. Feeny is left alone)
      Mr. Feeny: I love you all. Class dismissed.

  • Notes

    • Although credited, Trina McGee-Davis (Angela Moore) does not appear in this episode.

    • This is the first time since Cory and Topanga's wedding that the entire cast appears together in the same episode. Trina McGee-Davis appears in a flashback but it still counts for her to appearing in this episode.

    • This episode aired on Danielle Fishel's 19th birthday.

    • A spin-off was considered, but Micheal Jacobs decided it was right to end the show here. However years later he would create a spin-off series called Girl Meets World which would not debut until June 27, 2014 on the Disney Channel.

    • Ben Savage (Cory) and Rider Strong (Shawn) were the only cast members to appear in every episode.

    • The series finale delivered 10 million viewers and best demo score in the hour with comedies (3.9/15) since Feb. 15, 1999.

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