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Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 22

Brother Brother

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 17, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Topanga is leaving for summer camp and Shawn has plans to travel with his Dad. When Eric announces his road-trip, Cory begins to dread a summer alone.

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  • Brother-Brother

    Eric realizes he knows very little about his younger brother, and he does not make an effort to change this, due to him being excited about going to college. But at the end of the episode Eric is not accepted and so he obviously cannot go. So him and Cory agree to spend the whole summer getting to know each other, since Shawn and Topanga will not be home.

    A good episode, good humor, good plot, overall a very fitting finale for the third season. My overall grade for this episode is an easy A+, anything below is just cruel ;)moreless
  • Tension merges in the Matthews' home.

    This episode is really sad & really deserved to be a season finale, Eric going off to college, going on the road, while Cory's summer is going to be in the dumps. One reason is because Shawn & Topanga are going to be away for the summer & it sucks because things just got better since Topanga & Cory got back together & now she is leaving. The last reason is in which Eric leaving without him really knowing Eric. When they got in a fight, that was sad, the saddest moment in Season 3, Eric is all hyped only to be rejected by his last hope. One of the best season finales ever!moreless
  • The Matthews Brothers!

    Eric is leaving for college. Shawn is taking a road trip with his father and Topanga is going away to camp for the summer. This leaves Cory alone for the summer. He is sad because he never really got to know Eric as a friend and now they never will. Eric finds out that he was rejected, so he and Cory go on a cross-country trip together!

    This was a touching episode! It really showed how the bond between siblings is really important. If you just spend your life without really connecting with someone and they leave, you will never get to know them. I'm glad that Eric and Cory get to go on a trip together! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • it looks like cory is going to have a crummy summer.

    cory feels like his summer won't be any fun when he finds out that shawn is traveling with his father, topanga is going away to camp, and eric is going away to college and not coming back. cory realizes that he never really got to do much with eric or even really get to know his own brother. when eric is about to leave, he stops at the park to say bye to cory, and cory had hidden eric's letter from a college because he secretly didnt want him to leave. eric opens it, and finds out that he wasn't accepted. eric has no college to go to, so he and cory take a road trip that summermoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode is similar to season 7's Brotherly Shove. However, in that episode the roles are reversed, and it's Eric that feels alienated by the lack of a solid relationship with Cory.

    • The family portrait hanging in the living room has Lily Nicksay as Morgan, even though the role is now Lindsay Ridgeway's.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Eric: Looks like I'm gonna end up at my first choice. North Southwestern San Diego State.
      Mr. Feeny: Ah, yes. Ol' N-S-W-S-D-S...U.

    • Eric: You think I'm not freaked out about leaving? Going to college, being on my own, doing my own laundry? I'm having nightmares! Whites, easy. Darks, easy. What about my white shirt with black stripes; what then?!

    • Eric (talking to Cory as the Feeny Puppet): What's the matter Mr. Matthews, you seem a little down. Perhaps some more history homework would cheer you up?

    • Cory (to Eric): Why don't you tell us how you're gonna see the Grand Canyon in four and a half minutes...by donkey.

    • Eric (about graduating): I really don't think I could have done this without everyone in this room believing in me. That's why this diploma, which signifies my intelligence, belongs as much to you as it does to...I.
      Mr. Feeny: Me.
      Eric: I included you.
      Mr. Feeny: Oh dear.

    • Cory: Shawn, you and I can spend the summer together. The boys of summer.
      Shawn: Uh, Cor, I'm doing some traveling with my dad this summer.
      Cory: The boy of summer.

    • Mr. Feeny: How do you intend to drive to Hawaii?
      Eric: I'm gonna drive until they start speaking Chinese, then hang a U-ey.

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