Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 03, 1997 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This episode is the third time a sibling of Shawn is involved in the plot. First was a sister on the phone in season one's "Cory's Alternative Friends", and than a half-brother, Eddie, in season 3's "The Pink Flamingo Kid". Jack is the first one to last more than one episode.

    • Matthew Lawrence joins the BMW cast as Jack Hunter.

    • Even though she's never been there before, the substitute teacher somehow knows who's who as she passes out the tests Mr. Feeny has graded.

  • Quotes

    • Topanga: How come you're not kissing me?
      Cory: Because the second our lips touch, he's coming in here. Watch.
      Topanga: Look, Cory, this is your room now and Eric knows it and he's not just gonna walk in here and take over. Kiss!
      (Just as Cory and Topanga start to kiss, Eric walks in)
      Eric: Hello!
      Cory: Aren't you supposed to knock BEFORE you enter my room?
      Eric: Your room! Your room! YOUR room! Hey Topanga, be a dear and scootch over. Great! (sits on the bed and begins doing bicep curls) Big daddy rocks! Big daddy rocks! Big daddy rocks!
      Cory: Eric! Topanga!
      Topanga: I should go now. (kisses Corey) Bye.
      Eric: Bye Topanga.
      Topanga: Bye Eric.
      Eric: Yeah! She didn't leave cause of me did she?
      Cory: No, she left cause big daddy rocks!

    • (after Cory tells her that Eric's conditions for his new place are an avocado colored fridge and an ocean view)
      Topanga: An ocean view sounds nice.
      Cory: We live in Philadelphia!

    • Cory: Yo, new guy. Uh, this place; does it have a view?
      Jack: Oh, yeah, by the river.
      Cory: Yay! (turns to Topanga) Listen, you ask about the fridge, because if he sees how happy I am, he might think I'm insane.

    • Amy: Alan, stay.
      Alan: Ha ha, no, that's a dog command, you don't give me a dog command.
      Amy: Sit.
      Alan: OK, but you owe me a treat.

    • Cory: Eric, what are you doing to me? We had a deal. You and Jack are so perfect for each other, you should be married!
      Eric: I'm not ready.

    • Topanga: You have a picture of your brother in your wallet?
      Cory: Yeah, why?
      Topanga: Oh nothing, I just think it's sweet. I'm in there too, right?
      Cory: You will be.

    • Topanga: You know what you need? You need some college guy to walk down those stairs, announce that he's new in town and that he needs roommates.
      Cory: If you love me, you could make that happen.
      Jack: Excuse me, new guy in town, going to Pennbroook, just got a three bedroom apartment and lookin' for roommates.
      Topanga: I heard him talking outside, but I do love you though.

    • Delivery Man (leaving the room after delivering a new bed): And remember: No...means no!

  • Notes

    • The show's theme & opening credits change again, this time to footage of Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric & Jack fooling around, presumably outside Shawn, Jack & Eric's apartment building.

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