Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 18

By Hook or By Crook

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 17, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory, sick with mono, is in bed the whole episode.
Eric and Jason are planning a summer trip to Europe but Eric has a problem. He's not allowed to go unless he brings up his grades. When the two approach Mr. Feeny to ask for a break on grades, he recommends a tutor.
The tutor turns out to be a good attractive girl named Tori Hart, who hits on Eric. He's happy to reciprocate her advances but begins to worry that a relationship will cut into their study time. Tori expresses doubt that Eric can succeed in his quest to go to Europe and offers him the answers to the test. Eric declines and leaves half the test blank due to it's difficulty. When Mr. Feeny informs him that he got an A minus, Eric approaches Tori. She tells him that she filled in the answers for him. When he tells her that he wanted to earn the grades by himself, she tells him he doesn't have to be smart because he has other things going for him; and lists his cute features. "I am not a bimbo!" Eric insists.
Eric tries to study for the next test by himself but ends up calling Tori for help. When she begins to give him the answers, he protests; but she tells him to write the answers down and he can decide later. In the heat of the test environment he decides to use them.
When Eric returns home, his parents cheerfully greet him with a new backpack for his trip to Europe. Feeling overwhelmed and guilty, he returns to school to talk to Mr. Feeny. He claims a guy in Mr. Feeny's last year sold him the answers. Feeny is disappointed, and asks Eric why he did it. Eric gives cites wanting to go to Europe but Mr. Feeny thinks there's "something deeper." Eric says there's never anything deeper with him--he's just a guy who can get by on a nice smile. Feeny doesn't believe it.
Tori drops by and Mr. Feeny tells her why Eric is there. Tori can't believe that Eric would rat her out. "I didn't," Eric says and Tori realizes that she outed herself. Mr. Feeny explains that good teachers don't write people off and Tori understands that she wasn't showing Eric the respect he deserved. Eric must attend to summer school but he's OK with it because he's beginning to realize his potential.
Meanwhile Mr. Turner's motorcycle is run over and he goes to Shawn's uncle's bike shop to get it fixed. Uncle Mike attempts to pull one over on Turner but Shawn talks him down.
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