Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 18

Can I Help to Cheer You?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 12, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

Topanga wants to begin planning their wedding, but Cory is hesitant because a date hasn't even been set yet. Topanga forces Cory, Shawn, and Angela to go to a wedding for someone they don't even know, and expects Cory to pay attention and "take notes". While Topanga is dreaming of being able to afford such a luxurious wedding like the one they are attending, Cory is busy being bribed by the father of the bride, Stan. The wealthy Stan doesn't like the middle-class man that his daughter is marrying, and expresses this to Cory who is overly polite. Stan instantly takes a liking to Cory and offers him one million dollars to marry his daughter instead. Although the money is tempting because he'd be able to buy Topanga all the things she wants, he repeatedly turns down the offer. When Stan interrupts the wedding thinking that Cory is going to accept the proposition, Cory stands up and explains that being with the one you love everyday is far more important than any amount of money. Cory also makes it clear to Stan that Topanga is the woman he wants to marry and spend his life with.

Meanwhile, Eric's young new friend Tommy asks Eric to adopt him. Initially Eric thinks the idea is impossible, but the more time he spends with Tommy, the more he wants to care for him. Eric talks with Alan and Amy about adopting him but they suggest that he isn't ready to care for another human being. Despite his parent's disapproval, Eric decides that he should adopt him anyway. When Eric finds out that there is a family in California that is interested in adopting him, he does the right thing and tells Tommy that he can't adopt him. They both are heartbroken, but Eric knows that he made the right decision. Before he leaves, Tommy stops by the Matthew's home and gives Eric a hug and tells him goodbye.