Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 18

Can I Help to Cheer You?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 12, 1999 on ABC

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  • Sad

    This episode is the final appearance of Tommy. I felt that this was a good episode for Eric, because while I usually do want him to be funny {he's easily the funniest of the main cast mates I think}, I do like this episode because it generally showed a side of Eric we do not see a lot and I think the writers handled it very well. Tommy saying goodbye at the end was one of the saddest moments. Moments like this, Chet dying, the baby almost dying, make me think s6 is definitely the most serious of the seasons. A+ to this episode
  • Tommy no!! :( *cry*

    I was hoping against hope that Eric was going to adopt Tommy. *sigh* Oh well. It was for the best that he went to California with that family. He would have been eccstatic if he had been adopted by Eric, but it would have been a rough life for both of them. I'm glad Eric cared about Tommy enough to let him go. (It was so sweet!!!) The wedding mess Cory got himself into with Stan was funny. :P Lol. Who offers some complete strange one million dollars to marry their daughter at their daughter's wedding? It was also funny when Shawn tried to win Stan over to try to be offered one million dollars to marry Stan's daughter. Instead, Stand offered Shawn $20 to get away from him. :P The ending of the episode was sweet when Cory said he was confident marrying Topanga and when he wished the couple-to-be a happy life together.
  • This was definitley one of the milestone episodes of Boy Meets World for me.

    Huge episode for the series in my opinion. I always wonder what would have happened if Eric adopted Tommy. Watching it for the second or third time I noticed a someting. That thing was Mrs. Gallagher was the wife in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The moment I saw her I knew where I saw her before. I also liked how Stan was negotiating with Cory and then Cory fell into the aisle and he wanted the money but loved Topanga to much to take it. I also wonder how they did the shirt in zipper stunt. Eric's shirt was sticking out through his zipper and he pulld it out and his shirt ripped of his whole torso and came through his zipper. I can't think of how they set that up even if he shirt was only on in the front it would have took some strength to pull the whole shirt through the zipper that fast. I really liked this episode. I also wish that they would have had Eric adopt Tommy.
  • Would you do whats best for someone ever if it meant permanently losing them?

    Cory and Topanga go to a fancy place to observe a what a fancy wedding looks like. Cory starts talking to the father of the bride who is unhappy with his daughters choice of a husband and ends up offering cory 1 million to marry his daughter. in the end, cory doesn't take the money because he loves topanga too much and says he doesn't need it. Meanwhile, tommy is going to get adopted by a family who lives in California and is upset so he wants eric to adopt him. Eric ends up doing the right thing and not adopting tommy himself because its better for tommy to live with a real family and not just him.

    i loved this episode even though it was really sad. it was nice that tommy said goodbye to eric before he left.
  • I loved this sad episode!

    Eric wants to adopt Tommy and Tommy wants Eric to adopt him. Unfortunately, there's another family who wants to adopt Tommy and Eric knows that it's best for Tommy to go with them. They must say "Goodbye." Cory and Topanga go to a fancy wedding to research. The father of the bride offers Cory a million dollars to marry his daughter. He doesn't like the man that she is marrying. Cory really wants to, but he knows that his heart belongs to Topanga.

    This was such a sad episode. I really liked Tommy and Eric. This episode gets a 10 ot of 10!
  • Would you marry a complete stranger for one million dollars? Would you adopt a young kid at such an early age yourself? These are the questions that make this a very interesting episode

    Even though this isn't a huge episode when compared to the previous, it has a way of winning my heart.

    The whole segment with Cory and Topanga arguing about their wedding seemed very "sitcomish" but still had the feel that a real-life marriage would. Of course, add some excellent comedy and you're set.

    When Cory gets offered the million dollars, the show just moves to a whole new level of crazy feats. What are the odds, in real life, that someone would offer you over a million dollars to marry a stranger? Perhaps the comedy like this makes the show even better, and very interesting because we all know Cory wont take the money, but it's just funny to watch how it all pans out.

    Tommy, on a more serious note, had a much harder time during his final episode. After Eric says that he'll adopt Tommy, getting Tommy's hopes up, Eric backs out -- realizing that another family in California would do a better job. This scene shows the rare "smart" side of Eric and some very good acting by Tommy, at such a young age.

    Maybe it's a mix of how the emotional and funny storylines mix, or maybe it's because of the shows name. Either way, this episode is not one to forget.
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