Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 8

Chasing Angela-Part II

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 1997 on ABC
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Episode Summary

When Cory tells Shawn about the purse mix-up, Shawn realizes that he may love Angela. However, at first, Angela doesn't see it this way.
Meanwhile, Jack and Eric are nervous about hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the Matthews family, at their new apartment.

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  • Another Perfect BMW Episode

    What i Liked- Shawn interrupting Angela's date with Teddy, and Teddy caring more about his fries than anything, Angela at the end saying she wants what they have (Cory and Topanga), everyone making fun of Cory because he sounds so much older than he really is, the way he talks about love, Alan's comment about how it seems he and Topanga have been together longer than him and Amy, amongst other things.

    Good episode and a really nice continuation from the previous episode. Shawn was amazing in this episode, again, and I liked everything in it. A+moreless
  • shawn pursues angela.

    In this episode, Shawn pursues Angela. In continuation to the last episode, we find out that the contents in the purse that Shawn fell in love with belonged to Angela, the girl he recently broke up with. Cory tells Shawn that Angela is the girl who owned the things that Shawn fell in love with. I was under the impression that Angela liked Shawn, but when Shawn puts his heart on the line for her, he faces rejection. I read in a review that I agree with, is that he was acting out of character. And I also agree that we've seen this plot before, so points down for unoriginality. We've seen this plot before when Shawn pursued Dana, so I wasn't very happy with the plot itself. I am happy though that Shawn and Angela got together in the end, because they've always been a favorite of mine, and this became a setting stone in their relationship.

    Cory and Topanga start acting like an old married couple, and Topanga gets annoyed so they get in an argument at the restaurant, I did laugh throughout that whole plot which helped the episode a lot.

    Then we have the Thanksgiving plot added. Eric & Jack have to cook Thanksgiving when Eric's family is coming over to eat. They stress throughout the episode, but then they get food from their parents in the end. They are all together which was a warm scene in general. This episode had it's flaws and it's upsides but it was a good episode overall.moreless
  • Shawn's out-of-character, whiny pleading of "I want what Cory and Topanga have", make this episode painful to watch. In the end, it seems more like he wore Angela down, than won her over.moreless

    Nobody believes in a sitcoms right to suspend reality more than I do. I mean, that's the reason I watched Boy Meets World in the first place: It was believable enough to relate with, yet it could still take me away from life's colder realities--even if only for 30 minutes. I mean, what more could you ask for? Your life long friend and perfect girlfriend stay with you through college and beyond...and who wouldn't want a father like Alan, or a teacher/mentor like Mr. Feeny? For half an hour every Friday night, I lived vicariously through the characters in this series.

    That being said, this episode is still hard for me to watch.

    I'll start out with the forgivable flaw of non-continuity.

    Shawn: All my life, I have never worried about whether a girl likes me or not, but with Angela, it matters.

    This is certainly a passionate thing to say, but it's not true. It's not debatable that he worried about whether Dana Pruitt liked him or not; and all the Angela drama is just a repeat of the Dana drama, only drawn out. This is forgivable, however, because Boy Meets World isn't really known for it's adherence to continuity.

    What sticks out the most is Shawn's uncharacteristic pursuit of Angela. His advances may seem sweet at first glance; but if you take time to ponder his actions, you'll notice that he has become whiny and desperate. I know he's supposed to be "in love", but this is a far cry from a believable Shawn Hunter reaction.

    First off, discovering common ground by rifling through a lost purse does not make a relationship; yet, based only on these findings, he approaches Angela out of the blue with "What do you think of Cory and Topanga? ...Maybe we can have what they have." This is a serious statement that, under similar circumstances in the real world, would be off putting to many (most?) girls; especially after he whiningly persists, "Why can't we be Cory and Topanga?" Angela was wise to make a quick exit here.

    This alone would have been enough, but he persists yet again; this time interrupting her on a date. Shawn's lucky that Ted's reaction was only that of confusion...and that he was too involved in his fries to care. I'm not at all saying that Shawn should have given up on Angela, but he was treading on dangerous ground in this instance.

    Shawn's behavior is creepy and borderline stalker-ish; and Angela's acceptance isn't very believable. In the end, it seems more like he wore Angela down, than he won her over. Sitcomic license ends when a show rewards such desperate behavior with a shot at "true love".

    All you 13-18 years-olds, I implore you: Do not take this episode to heart. 98% of the time, you will not like the outcome.moreless
  • Finally, they are together!

    Shawn finds out that the owner of the contents is Angela. He wants to see her. Cory arranges that Shawn and Angela go to dkfl;sakd, the restaurant that Cory and Topanga regularly go to. Angela says it’s too fancy for her. Topanga admits that she never liked this restaurant. Shawn and Angela want what Cory and Topanga have. Jack and Eric try to plan Thanksgiving for everyone. They fail. This was a great episode! I really like Shawn and Angela! They are perfect for each other! I loved the part when Alan randomly came in to tell Jack that Thanksgiving was the most important day of the year for him! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • One of my very favorite episodes of all time...

    "Chasing Angela" is a wonderful episode and truly a joy

    to watch. In this episode, Shawn finally figures out that the purse he found is Angela Moore's, the girl who he dated for two weeks in "I Love You Donna Karen." Shawn is so cute the way he loves Angela and the way he wants her to love him,too. When Shawn and Angela go to Barellies at the end of the episode it's so romantic and sweet. This is a must-see episode for any BMW fan. :)moreless

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