Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 15

Chick Like Me

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 31, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Topanga consoles a friend, Debbie, after a date with a shallow boy who just wanted to make out. The girls decide that in general, girls and guys have very different ideas of what a date should be. Debbie and Shawn argue about whether girls give clear enough signals that a date is going well, and whether boys listen to girls at all.
Meanwhile, Cory's newspaper column is looked down upon for being trivial.
In Mr. Feeny's the boys are reading Black Like Me. The book gives Shawn an idea and he tells Cory that he should dress up as a girl for a column, Chick Like Me, to discover the female point of view.
The boys buy some girls' clothes and ask Topanga to help them transform Cory into a girl. Cory's look and mannerism is too manly however, so Shawn tries to show him what to do (after years of studying girls, he's become something of an expert). He is so competent, that Cory and Topanga decide Shawn should be the one to go undercover.
At school the next day, Shawn, now 'Veronica Wasboyski', attracts the attention of Gary, Debbie's ex-date. The two make a date for Saturday night. Everyone is happy that the plan worked except for Shawn, who has nothing to wear.
On the date, Gary gets a little too friendly even after 'Veronica' asks him to stop. Shawn finally gets fed up and yells at Gary for coming on too strong, only to have Gary accuse him of being a lesbian. Shawn punches Gary in the mouth, "That's for every girl I've ever known!"
When Cory's article runs, it's a big hit. Shawn says that he's learned a lot from the experience. "I'd say I'm the worlds most perfect date right now." Impressed with Shawn, Debbie asks him out.
Meanwhile; mountain-reared Lonnie seems to be scaring away the city men, so she asks Eric for help. Eric tells her that she's being too aggressive, and learns something about respect, himself.