Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 15

Chick Like Me

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 31, 1997 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Cory's humor column, Shawn's "Is it just me, or should that not make you happy?" line, Shawn as a girl, Shawn punching that guy, and saying it was for every girl he has ever known, Cory's "I decided to be a girl" line to his dad, amongst other things.

    The only weak point for me would be Eric's plot with Lonnie, which did not interest me a lot, but that was only a small portion of the episode. The main plot had a good, original plot, and it was very funny. Definitely a classic episode, I would say so anyway. Grade would have to be an A+.
  • The worst episode of the series.

    This is a very weird episode.

    I'm sorry, but the only thing more twisted than Cory dressing up like a chick is Topanga enjoing it. "Is it just me, or" should Topanga be disturbed by this?

    The whole final gag ("My hosiery is still bunching!") is just a little bit too twisted for my tastes.

    That said, there are some funny moments sprinkled throughout the episode, but not enough to redeem it.

    Also, one more gripe I have. I'm a guy, and it annoys me that TV shows always make us guys out to be stupid, insensitive pigs. We aren't all that way!
  • My hosery is bunching!

    I thought that this was a funny episode. Weird...but funny. I thought they might have took the whole thing with people thinking Shawn was a good-looking girl too far to the point where it was kind of sickening. Other than that, it was a funny episode. It was Cory that made this episode though. Some of the jokes he made were classic!
  • Veronica!

    Cory is writing for the school newspaper. When a fellow classmate complains that guys are such jerks on dates, Cory and Shawn decide to research it. First, they dress Cory up like a girl, but it doesn't look pretty, so they dress Shawn up. Shawn is now Veronica and he needs to experience a date with Gary. Shawn understands what girls are talking about when Gary keeps trying to make moves on Veronica. Eric tries to help Lonnie be more friendly but not too friendly because she keeps scaring off guys.

    This was a hilarious episode! Shawn looked like a girl! I would've thought he was if I didn't know. Cory looked funny like a girl too! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • shawn dressing as a girl... hahaha thats great

    well this episode had shawn dressing as a woman and i absolutely loved the idea. he did look a little funny but it worked. if i never knew what shawn looked like i woulda thought that it was actually a girl. i mean come on. he had a style, he had the walk down, and he acted just like a girl. hahahaha this has got to be one of the best episodes of the season. 3 words Fab U Lous. one of a kind episode of boy meets world and its things like this that make me want to watch more and more boy meets world every day
  • Shawn dresses like a girl to find out how he will be teated differently.

    This was a very funny episode. It's very convenient that they are reading Black Like Me, but they've been doing shows relating to the book they are reading in English class ever since the 2nd season. Shawn has a great idea, to have a guy pose as a girl to find out how differently he will be treated. To call the article Chick Like Me may be sexist, but still very funny. Of course, Shawn makes a much better woman than Cory (it must be in the blood, see What a Drag, episode 7-11), and goes to school dressed as a girl. Shawn chooses to use the name Veronica, but they have to come up with a last name on the spur of the moment. Cory picks a great one--Wasboyski. Shawn and Cory learn that some guys do treat girls badly, and Shawn vows to treat them with more respect in the future. I guess because Cory is the main character they had to put him a waitress outfit so he could play a woman, too. Very funny, but they could have done without it. To think that Cory is still wearing ladies hosiery at the end of the show with his own clothes is, indeed, disturbing.